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Happier and Healthier is a website devoted to reviewing the products and covering the topics that we believe will make your life better. From giving you six pack abs to curing your nagging foot pain, we want to make your life better. Here are a few of the things we’ve been looking at recently.

The Ab Rocket

An Ab Rocket Review - What It Is And How It Could Help YouThe Ab Rocket Twister provides a more effective and reliable ab workout that will provide anyone with toned abs without endless hours of painful and ineffective crunches. Normal crunches put strain on the neck and back, and they only work a small part of the abdominal muscle group. The Ab Rocket Twister provides the full range of workouts for abs that includes the core, obliques, upper, middle and lower abs.

The Ab Rocket provides resistance in both directions for your workout, down and up. This provides twice the muscle work as traditional crunches or other ab workout machines. By providing full support to the back and neck, the Ab Rocket ensures a full workout without straining or pressuring joints that can lead to aches and problems later on. It also improves the overall comfort of the workout, helping you stick with it.

The Ab Rocket is far less expensive than similar resistance training machines for the abs, and it is just as effective. Even professional gyms don’t have machines quite like the Ab Rocket, and it is much easier to workout in the comfort and privacy of your own living room. If you are ready to have chiseled abs without endless hours of painful floor crunching, then learn more about the Ab Rocket Twister here.

Walkfit Platinum Shoe Insoles

Walkfit Platinum Review How it Can Help Your FeetMost joint pain is caused by body misalignment, and this misalignment begins in the feet. Walkfit Platinum Shoe Insoles provide proper support for the foot, ensuring correct joint alignment from foot to neck. This helps to alleviate pain in the knees, hips, back and shoulders. It improves posture and can help prevent or even correct common chronic pains. Improved weight distribution can also alleviate many problems in the feet, including aches, rub burns, corns, and callouses.

Walking and running also strain joints by causing damaging impact forces. These insoles provide cushioning that absorbs these impact forces, greatly reducing their effect on joints. You will no longer have painful and damaging shockwaves traveling through your body.

As an added bonus, these insoles also feature Advanced Nanosilver antibacterial technology. This new feature kills germs while you walk by utilizing the natural antibacterial properties of silver. You can keep your feet fresh and germ-free without the use of any irritating and smelly chemicals, sprays or inserts.

The best aspect of these insoles is surely the price, being a tiny fraction of what a custom orthotic costs but still delivering all of the needed comfort and support. You can find out even more about these foot and joint saving insoles here.

Overcome your anxiety

The Linden Method – Could It Cure Your AnxietyWe all experience some level of stress on a regular basis. For some people, however, stress reaches a point where certain anxiety-related disorders develop. Other individuals experience full-blown panic disorders. It’s a program that can be used by any individual, including both adults and children, suffering from an inability to effectively deal with anxiety and stress. The Linden Method, developed by Charles Linden during a research period spanning two year in response to a personal experience with a severe anxiety problem and the frustration of trying to find a treatment that was effective, is a program designed to help you cope with stress and anxiety, including conditions such as OCD and irrational fears or phobias, consisting of:

• A detailed manual discussing the program
• Related audio files to reinforce the basic concepts of the program
• Accompanying video to further illustrate how the program works
• Support from qualified professionals as needed to deal with moments of anxiety

The Linden Method is available to anyone suffering from any form of anxiety, from mild episodes to crippling panic attacks. The program can be purchased online or in select bookstores around the world. There are two versions of the program available, one that can be ordered through the mail and another that can downloaded for more immediate access.

Learn more about the Linden Method by reading our in-depth article here.

The DuraWallet

The Dura Wallet Review – Why It’s So RemarkableIf you are looking for a wallet that is thinner and stronger without compromising storage space, then you have found an answer to your prayers with the DuraWallet. This incredible wallet is made from a single piece of Tyvex. Tyvex is used as an industrial packaging material, so its strength is much greater than leather or any other type of material traditionally used to make wallets. Since the wallet has no seams or stitching, it keeps its contents nicely compressed, ensuring slimness even when fully loaded.

True to its name, the Dura Wallet is one of the most durable wallets you will find anywhere. It will not fray or wear as easily as other wallets. It is also completely water resistant. It can even withstand the force of a race car trying to pull it apart without stretching or ripping. There is no safer place to keep your cash, cards, ID and important receipts.

In the current high-tech world, the advent of digital pick-pocketing has become a serious issue. A hacker with the right equipment can swipe information off or your credit cards without ever touching them. Their attempts will fail, however, when confronted with the DuraWallet. This wallet can block REFID scanning signals, keeping your information and identify safe.

If you are looking for the next generation of wallet when it comes to durability and safety, then you should learn more about the DuraWallet here.

360 Hurricane Spin Mop

Hurricane 360 Spin Mop Review – Why It Could Make Your Cleaning Tasks So Much EasierThe 360 Hurricane Spin Mop is a true revolution in floor care. Mopping has traditionally been a dirty, wet and undesirable cleaning job that is smelly and labor intensive. Most sponge mops only succeed in pushing the dirt around, and dirt easily clings to the sponge. The Spin Mop solves this problem with its highly absorbent microfiber material that is a magnet for dirt. It can easily clean large areas, and the swivel head allows it to beautifully clean around corners and furniture.

Perhaps the best feature of the Spin Mop is how it cleans itself. This mop comes with its own washer and dryer built right into the bucket. Wash the dirty mop in the water with a built-in agitator and then place it into the foot-powered spinner that uses centrifugal force to pull liquid and dirt out of the mop. The mop comes out clean with just enough water to continue cleaning without leaving puddles or streaks. The durable mop head is also removable and machine washable, so it will stay utterly clean and effective for a long time. If you would like to learn more about how to make your floor cleaning easier and better, learn more about the 360 Hurricane Spin Mop here.

The Kymaro Body Shaper

The Kymaro Bodyshaper ReviewNot everyone has time to devote hours to workouts. Sometimes, even with diet and exercise, body shape and size don’t improve as much as you would like. This is where the Kymaro Body Shaper can help. This form-fitting accessory works to instantly improve body shape and size to create an overall more attractive appearance. It easily flattens out the stubborn bulges and rolls that are so difficult to get rid of without sacrificing comfort or flexibility. It also helps to straighten and support the spine and improve overall posture.

This body shaper fits under your clothes and is completely unnoticeable. It accentuates the body’s own curves to provide a natural and sexier appearance. It is easy to take on and put off, and it fits so comfortably that you will probably forget you are wearing it. If you are ready to look slimmer, feel sexier and have more confidence in your body image instantly, then you should learn more about the amazing Kymaro Body Shaper here.

Take your communication with your partner to a whole new level

1000 question for couplesIt’s not always easy being a good spouse or partner, the stresses and strains that modern life puts on us can all too often mean that we end up ignoring our other halves whilst we concentrate on work or one of the other hundreds of distractions that everyday life puts in our way. Often, as both partners in a couple start to concentrate on their own lives you can really start to feel that you are drifting apart and no longer spending the quality time together that you did in the giddy days when your relationship first began.

A lot of couples in this situation don’t really know what to do, the problem isn’t so bad that you need to go for counselling but there’s a little something missing in your relationship that you’d like to get back. One fun way to start communicating again that we’ve come across recently is the ‘1000 Questions for Couples’ book by Michael Webb. Rather than the heavy going text of a “save your marriage” type self help book the book simply contains a series of questions that you can ask your spouse or partner. Their answers, and your reaction to them, are likely to make you feel that you’re really starting to communicate again.

The book seems particularly popular with couples who have children, as it allows them to set a few minutes aside each day to really get to know each other again.Many say that the book has improved their marriage in all sorts of unexpected ways. Find out more in our in depth article here.

Lifecell Anti Aging Cream Reviews

LifeCell is an anti-aging cream that works to reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet and other signs of skin aging such as age spots and uneven skin tone. Its initial application will yield immediate results in as little time as 17 seconds or less. Each of the product’s ingredients has been clinically proven to be effective against skin aging.

Simply put, LifeCell is not only a potent product for diminishing wrinkles and other skin imperfections caused by aging but a continuous series of skin treatments that prevent wrinkles from coming back. In doing so, LifeCell enhances the skin’s elasticity and collagen by working on the maintenance of moisture and hydration in the external and internal layers of the skin.

While LifeCell has been shown to yield satisfactory results based on customer reviews, it is not an instant or miracle cure for those who want their wrinkles banished, their complexions even-toned or their skin texture tight and radiant. Regular use is the key to maximize the benefits of LifeCell which is the best alternative to cosmetic surgery, Botox injections, laser resurfacing or face lifts.

Quality and performance are what LifeCell anti-aging cream and is all about that translate into long-lasting result at the fraction of the cost of most anti-aging or wrinkle reduction treatments. The best proof of LifeCell’s efficacy is to try it out for yourself, with its 30-day risk free trial as a chance to experience its powerful results at no cost to you.

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