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Everything You Need to Know About 1000 Questions for Couples

It can be hard to admit and accept that your relationship is on the rocks. But you’re not alone. You don’t need any statistics to show you that divorce rates are skyrocketing not just in the US but all over the world. It’s not something you want to happen, but anyone who has been through a rocky patch in their relationship will know how painful it can be.

But you know what, there’s still hope. There are literally hundreds of things you can do to mend your relationship but we’ve recently heard very good things about an ebook that isn’t available in stores but can be purchased directly on-line. This guide, created by Michael Webb, and based on the gentle and surprisingly addictive practice of you and your partner asking each other questions might just be what you need to start connecting with your partner again.

The book claims there are a number of questions that partners can ask each other that will predict the future of their relationship. Find out what they are….

1000 Questions for Couples PDF Overview

Before going into detail about the ebook I’d like to give you a little bit of information about the author and why he gives the ebook a lot of credibility. Michael Webb is a bestselling author who has been giving couples advice to help make relationships work. He’s been doing this successfully for the past 17 years and has written several best sellers about the subject including The Romantic’s Guide. He’s been featured on Oprah and many other TV shows and magazines, a testament to his popularity.

In short, Webb has extensive experience when it comes to helping couples, and his latest ebook is an indication of this. It’s a practical book and it’s all about getting to know your partner better. The questions in the book are divided into several categories like sex, feelings and emotions, as well as hobbies, money, career, even pets, cars, morals, and spiritual matters.

1000 question for couples bookSome of the questions might seem trivial, but based on the experiences of many who have tried the technique, they’re essential. What this book is doing for it’s readers is helping to show just how little they actually know of their significant others, and the purpose of the book is to help you and your partner know each other better. Webb said that a lot of divorce cases and relationship breakups could have been avoided if only they knew what questions to ask each other, and that’s what this book does.

The ebook has a nice mixture of serious questions as well as some fun ones as well. While the objective is to learn more about your partner before making a decision concerning your relationship, it doesn’t overwhelm and is easy to read.

The ebook has a simple structure, and if you have never read one like it, you might wonder how it can possibly be of any help. But having a look at some of the questions contained in the  book myself, I have to say that  the questions might be exactly what a relationship needs. I can attest that some of these questions aren’t the type that I’d consider asking my partner, but I was left wondering if it wouldn’t be beneficial if I did.

The ebook is very comprehensive and doesn’t just cover your relationship but also family, career and many other areas of life. While there are a lot of different questions outlined here, the emphasis is on exploring your and your partner’s personality. In other words, it’s all about rediscovering each other.

What Others are Saying About the ebook

The ebook has generated a lot of buzz on the Internet, and reviews from those who purchased it have been positive. Allan of Arkansas said in his review that the book with his girlfriend gave them the opportunity to discuss sensitive matters like religion.  Monica of Santa Fe also said that the ebook helped her and her husband rekindle their relationship.

They’re not the only ones, as another reviewer spoke of Webb’s ebook as the essential guide for couples looking for ways to restore harmony in the relationship, and Debbie of Brooklyn wrote in her review that the ebook was the most effective marriage counselor she and her husband have had. Finally, I want to mention the review of Ed from Miami who said that the ebook literally saved his marriage and kept him and his wife from divorcing.

Things to Remember When Reading the Ebook  

While Webb’s ebook does work, it’s not exactly a magic potion that will solve all your relationship and marital problems. Also, you need to read the book and answer the questions with your partner for it to work. I also want to add that you need to take the answers to heart. In other words, the ebook provides the questions you need to ask each other, but it’s up to you to make the most of the answers.

Webb doesn’t make extravagant clams about the ebook, but he does guarantee that by the end of it you and your partner will know each other better. And knowing, rediscovering or learning new things about each other, which is the key to reviving a relationship. What I’m saying is that Webb has provided you with the tools to make your relationship work.

Buying Tips

You can’t get 1000 Questions for Couples free, but what they’re offering on the official website is almost as good. Its original value is $67 but it’s currently available for just $27. In addition, you could sign up so that 3 to 5 of the ebook’s questions will be emailed to you daily for the next 300 days. It’s a nice option if you’d prefer to correspond with your partner via email.

The ebook, which isn’t available in stores, can be purchased using major credit cards and PayPal. Once you’ve paid you get instant access to the ebook anytime, anywhere. Aside from the ebook you’ll also receive the ebook 101 Romantic Ideas, free, plus you also get The Newlyweds Guide to a Happy Marriage. This offer includes a money back guarantee so if you’re not happy with it you get your money back, no questions asked.

Should You Buy It?

I had become a bit sceptical about books that claim to save your marriage, as thousands of them are brought every year, but sadly, many marriages still end in divorce. But 1000 Questions book comes at the problem from a new and refreshing angle, and Webb’s series of thought provoking questions might just give you and your partner a new perspective on your relationship. If you want to save your marriage, or just to feel like you’re really connecting with your partner again then you really should give the book a try.

Buy 1000  Questions  today via this link, and get a 300 day couples communication email course for FREE!

How to Overcome Anxiety – 5 Ways to Aid Your Recovery

How to Overcome Anxiety – 5 Ways to Aid Your Recovery

Anxiety isn’t something you should ignore or accept as a natural part of your life. Overcoming anxiety can be a challenge, but there are certain over-the-counter methods and natural remedies that can offer relief. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with anxiety that’s going to work for absolutely everyone. However, there are certain methods that can aid in your recovery from various forms of anxiety. Here are five natural and OTC approaches to dealing with anxiety:

1. Herbal Remedies

Various studies have confirmed the numerous healing properties commonly associated with certain herbal remedies. Specifically, Chamomile, St. Johns Wort and Valerian root have been shown to help significantly reduce common anxiety-related symptoms. Some reports suggest that herbal remedies alone are more successful for treating mild cases of anxiety rather than sudden panic attacks and severe anxiety. It’s important to check with your doctor before starting any herbal remedies to avoid an adverse reaction with any medications you currently take.

2. Natural Supplements

If you’re going to try certain supplements to help combat some of the symptoms of anxiety, it’s generally recommended that you go with a natural supplement. Natural supplements tend to have far less adverse reactions, especially if mixed with any existing medications you may be taking on a regular basis. Some natural supplements to consider for use in easing anxiety attacks include:

• Magnesium – Magnesium has been found to be effective in helping to reduce the impact of traumatic stress frequently experienced during periods of intense anxiety. Magnesium is believed to help create new brain response patterns to counteract the effects of previous anxiety attacks.

• Omega 3 fatty acids – Omega 3 fatty acids have long been touted for many health benefits. When it comes to anxiety and stress, a study suggests that omega-3s can reduce the effects of anxiety-related conditions by about 20 percent. If you don’t get enough omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, supplements provide a more concentrated amount with similar results.

• GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) – GABA has been found to calm firing nerves within the central nervous system. Prolonged stress can interfere with this process. When this process is inhibited, individuals prone to anxiety attacks may experience symptoms such as manic behavior and recklessness. A general recommendation is about 500-1000 mg per day. You can also balance it out with foods that contain GABA such as spinach, green tea and bananas.

3. Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation therapies such as yoga and mediation release so-called “feel good hormones” that can naturally counteract some symptoms of anxiety. Since relaxation therapies can also be fun as well as relaxing, they can be easily incorporated into long-term anxiety relief treatments. An added benefit is that relaxation therapy can be a group activity where you can meet other individuals dealing with similar stresses or it can be something you do in the privacy of your own home on your time.

4. Anti-Anxiety Diet

Anxiety is more than just mental. New research suggests that some anxiety disorders may be related to your diet. Making certain adjustments to your diet could dramatically reduce panic attacks and certain anxiety-related conditions. While there are many different diets recommended for this purpose, most anti-anxiety diets call for a reduction in the consumption of sugars, fats, dairy and meat while recommending an increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.

5. Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

Not the be confused with cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, cognitive behavioral techniques can be practiced on your own time. CBT techniques have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in some individuals dealing with a certain level of anxiety on a regular basis. The idea behind CBT and panic attacks is to employ these techniques when you feel the onslaught of a panic attack to stop it before it becomes more severe. Some common cognitive behavioral techniques include:

• Thought Records – As the name implies, you simply keep a record of negative thoughts that occur throughout the day. This may include negative statements or your reaction to stressful situations such as a confrontation with your boss or an issue with a rude parking attendant.

• Pleasant Activity Scheduling – This technique involves scheduling some pleasant activity to give yourself something positive to look forward to on a regular basis. It could be Monday, Wednesday, Friday or on weekends. The idea is to participate in some pleasant activity you haven’t tried yet but have some interest in such as painting or taking a cooking class. It can be a group activity or something you do entirely on your own time such as woodworking or biking.

• Situation Exposure Hierarchies – Start by making a list of situations that cause you the most stress. Each subsequent item decreases in its personal stress level for you. For example, if you have an eating disorder, eating some fat-free yogurt would be relatively easy while enjoying an ice cream sundae as a treat would be something you would find difficult. The idea is to work your way through the list until your level of stress associated with each task is reduced.

• Imagery Based Exposure – This technique is about directly dealing with stressful moments rather than trying to forget such situations. The concept is to go over every detail of an especially stressful moment to the point where you understand all the emotions that were at play and what triggered your reaction so that the next time you encounter something similar your stress level will be reduced.

While there are many approaches to dealing with anxiety, the Linden Method is an approach to overcoming anxiety that many individuals have found to be effective. It’s a natural method that doesn’t involve the use of drugs or require commitment to expensive therapy sessions. The program, which includes a detailed manual and audio and video accessories, can be purchased at bookstores worldwide or online. You can get the latest information and best prices on the linden method here.

Learn more about the Linden Method by reading our in depth article here.

The Linden Method – Could It Cure Your Anxiety?

The Linden Method – Could It Cure Your Anxiety

If you’ve ever dealt with any type of anxiety, panic attack or phobia, you know firsthand the debilitating nature of any of these disorders. Finding a solution that works can be just as much of a challenge. You want a treatment that’s effective, yet you don’t want to be dependent on medication with possible unintended side effects such as drowsiness or trouble sleeping. The solution you’re seeking could be a comprehensive program known as the Linden Method.

Get the latest deals and information on the Linden Method

What is the Linden Method?

The Linden Method is an anxiety elimination program designed to help adults and children dealing with various forms of anxiety, including obsessive compulsive disorders and phobias. In addition to being government-recommended, the program is also endorsed by doctors and psychologists based on the way the program is structured and the results reported by patients who have used it. While the Linden Method can be successful, it’s not an instant cure promising quick results or a simple one-time fix. The program is unique in that no therapy is involved. It’s also drug free, which means no risk of potentially harmful side effects. The program includes:

• A detailed manual
• A series of audio CDs (with companion manual)
• Videos to further detail the program
• Panic attack eliminator (to immediately stop panic attacks while they occur)

How Does the Linden Method Treat Anxiety?

The comprehensive program works by solving anxiety disorders by dealing with the various aspects of the anxiety condition. Individuals are taught useful techniques to eliminate the anxiety. The program does include a high level of support from trained specialists and psychologists who can be contacted by phone and email as needed for additional assistance. It’s a method based on accepted scientific knowledge with recommendations by prominent psychologists.

Background on the Linden Method

Charles Linden cured himself of panic attacks and devastating symptoms of anxiety with a method he developed that worked achieved long-lasting results in a relatively short period of time. Since then, Mr. Linden has worked to refine the process that worked for him into a simple program anybody can use. Today, the method Charles fine-tuned is used by an estimated 160,000-plus individuals around the world. Charles witnessed firsthand how people desperate for help were misled to spend money on treatments that simply didn’t work.

Mr. Linden even tried some of these so-called remedies himself. He spent a lot of time trying various therapies and seeing several different doctors in an effort to find meaningful relief. He spent two years putting together the method that bares his name into an advanced anxiety disorder elimination program. Charles currently practices in Worcestershire, England and continues to see clients from all over the world. Clients are able to join the Linden Method online or by purchasing the program at bookshops. The program Mr. Linden created is designed to:

• Help you become more reassured and relaxed
• Permanently remove persistent daily symptoms
• Remove the primary cause of the anxiety
• Stop panic attacks and unwanted thoughts
• Successfully deal with additional challenges in life

Cost Effective Alternative to Therapy

Compared to ongoing therapy sessions with an analyst or psychotherapist, the Linden Method is a cost-effective approach to dealing with often complex anxiety issues. The Linden Method can be purchased directly online. You have the option of ordering the printed pack for $197 with unlimited support and delivery of audio CDs and DVD/video. The program can also be downloaded for $137 with delivery and unlimited support provided by government approved mental health professionals.

Note: When purchased online, the program comes with five free bonuses, including additional audio tracks and a video.

What Real People Are Saying About the Linden Method

Daniel J. Bromsgrove reports experiencing results in just three days after suffering from anxiety for more than three years. Jane Griffiths, a certified nurse practitioner and healthcare trainer, has had success employing the method with patients she has worked with, including individuals involved with the M42 minibus disaster. The program gave James T. of Ontario, Canada the confidence to overcome his anxiety and panic attacks. Joe Chinn of Lichfield was diagnosed with generic anxiety believed to be linked to a similar condition that affected his grandmother. He admits to being skeptical of the program, but was willing to give it a try. He recently started a new job after achieving positive results.

Meaningful Relief

The method works for both mild anxiety disorders and severe attacks, as evidenced by testimonials from individuals like Robyn A. of Nottingham, UK. Robyn discovered the program after suffering a particularly severe panic attack that left her crying and desperate to find a remedy. She reports finding real relief through the program and appreciates the fact that Charles never took advantage of her urgency to find meaningful relief. Stuart Guest of Lothian, Scotland was addicted to tranquillizers and desperate to find a way to deal with his anxiety that didn’t require a dependence on medication. He reported immediate relief from his panic attacks and eventually learned how to deal with his feelings of anxiety.

With guaranteed results, the Linden Method is based on 16 years of practice with 160,000 individuals reporting success with the program. As long as you have realistic expectations, it’s worth the effort for anybody seeking meaningful relief from panic attacks and anxiety disorders.

Ab Exercise Equipment – The Best Abdominal Machines on the Market

Ab Exercise Equipment – The Best Abdominal Machines on the Market

Commercials, Internet ads, and mailers, you’ve probably seen them all trying to sell you anything and everything about how their product can give you rock hard abs; for many, abs are the quintessential example of reaching the pinnacle of your physical health, yet finding the will to change your entire lifestyle can be an entirely different story. If you are interested in achieving six pack abs, the only way to accomplish your goal and start seeing results is to build up muscle in your abdominal region and focus on a healthy lifestyle.

I want six pack abs, what’s the best way to build up my muscles?

There are numerous ways to begin accomplishing this goal, but the most recognizable and arguably the best way to achieve these goals is by using an abdominal machine or toning belt. These exercise solutions are gaining popularity and an enormous amount of attention as the number jobs requiring intense physical labor are drastically decreasing. It’s getting harder and harder to find time to go to the gym or put in the effort to get fit during the work week, and these machines can help supplement a lot of the ab toning results that once occurred naturally.

If you’re interested in purchasing a new device, two of the best abdominal machines on the market include the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro and the Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Toning Belt. Both of these options have been personally recommended by numerous fitness gurus and praised by hundreds of happy customers. They also work in two distinct styles that can be selected based on your preference, or used together for enhanced results. The Fitness Pro is device that requires physical activity that will require you to work up a sweat but will give you build muscle, the toning belt works by delivering electric shocks to activate the muscles contraction and tone down fat.

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is a spin off of what you might have previously recognized as a device known as the Ab Roller; however, the general idea of this design was changed up and improved upon by a former Navy Seal who saw potential in the use of what he termed the “kinetic engine.” This device contains a set of carbon steel springs inside the cased wheel to improve your workout by the use of spring resistance.

The springs act as forms of resistance when you are using the device to apply additional strain on the abdominal region giving you a better and more intense workout. As you push forward with the device, the springs will begin to wind up making your abdominals overcome both the strain of your body weight in addition to the pressure from the springs. Then, on the way back up as you roll the device closer to your body, the spring will reverse the tension and make it easier to return to an upright position and go right back into another repetition. In addition, the handles are rubberized as opposed to the soft foam on many of the other devices so the sweat from your hands won’t loosen grip or cause slipping.

Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Toning Belt

The Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Toning Belt works by applying short and safe electric shocks directly to the abdominal region to contract your muscles. This contraction mimics the action of the muscles if you were performing sit-ups or any other forms of ab exercises. Once you put on the belt, there are three electric points covered by gel padding that will apply the electric compulsions to your obliques and full abdominal muscle range. Each electric pulse will force your abs to tighten up as if you were doing a crunch, and release when the pulse begins to diminish.

There are 7 different programs on the toning belt that allow you to change settings to determine the lengths of pulses being delivered to allow you to customize a specific toning goal. The great thing about this abdominal toning belt is that is can be used in addition to any ab workout plan or ab machine to help maximize results. It does not require a great deal of physical exertion as all you have to do is put on the belt and go about your daily routine while it is running. As you begin to become comfortable with the electric compulsions and your abs no longer react, you can increase or decrease the intensity at your own rate and preference.

There is no shortage of ab machines on the market that will you promise you real results in no time. Getting toned and strong abs can take a lot of work and dedication, but if you have the motivation and are willing to put in the work, these two devices will help to alleviate much of the strain and give you the right resources to achieve that goal. When used in conjunction, the Ab Carver Pro will help to break down muscle and build strength and the Slendertone Abdominal Belt will tone up fat, addressing the two main problems preventing many from achieving abs and helping you achieve the body you desire.

If you’re in the market for an abdominal trainer then many people have found success with the ab rocket twister. The machines revolutionary design means that you can exercise all of your abdominal muscles whilst also avoiding strains to the neck and back  that can occur with other ab trainers. The probability of the ab rocket means it is the ideal solution for at home workouts – why go to the gym when you can exercise at hoie in front of your favourite TV shows? Check out the latest and best prices on the ab rocket here, or for more information read our in depth look at the trainer here.

The Dura Wallet – Why It’s So Remarkable

The Dura Wallet Review – Why It’s So Remarkable

The Dura Wallet is the thinnest, most durable, and easy to carry wallet available. It’s also spacious and has a timeless design that goes well with any clothes you wear, whether casual or formal. If you’re tired of fat wallets that don’t fit in your pockets and feel unpleasantly heavy, that are hard to handle and look ugly once they’re full, and that, moreover, can be easily stolen, then this wallet is an affordable solution to your problem – 4 times thinner, 60% smaller, and 5 times lighter than the average wallet.

Why You Probably Hate Your Current Wallet

Having a ‘fat’ wallet full of cash might sound great, but think about the practicalities of carrying that monster with you everywhere. It doesn’t fit in all your pockets, not easily at least, and in the ones that it does, it requires quite a bit of pushing and tugging before it goes in or comes out. It feels heavy and bulky all the time, whether you keep it in your back pocket or in your coat, and wearing it with light clothes in hot weather is just awful, like keeping a rock in your pocket.

When it’s full of credit cards and banknotes, it’s so inconvenient that you can’t help but fumble with it before you can get what you need. The people waiting behind you in the line don’t like it. Nor does the cashier on the other side of the counter – while you’re fumbling with your wallet, she’s probably silently sniggering at you.

Finally, no matter how careful you are with your fat wallet, over time it will tear, unless of course, forgotten in your business pants, it goes through an accidental tumble in the washing machine, and comes to an untimely end.

Considering all these factors, is it really worth investing in an expensive designer wallet made from the hide of some poor tortured animal?

Thin Wallets for Men – Why You Need to Use One to Carry Your Cash

Enter Dura Wallet, the thinnest wallet in the world. About 60% smaller than the average wallet and 4 times thinner, the Dura  is not only easy to carry in any pocket, but also a pleasure to use. But its reduced size and outstanding thinness don’t come at the price of space.

Its two inside pockets can hold 20 or more bills, while two additional credit card pockets expand to hold 16 or more cards. What’s really awesome about this wallet is that it’s made from the thin yet expanding Tyvek material – the same used in industrial packing and shipping – which expands to accommodate extra bills and credit cards. So the wallet isn’t only much slimmer than your current wallet, but it can probably also hold more banknotes, credit cards, receipts, and business cards.

That’s not all. The wallet has no stitches and seams and is super resistant – tug at it as much as you will, it won’t tear. And since it’s also waterproof, you will never have to worry about it taking an accidental bath in the pool or a tumble in the washing machine.

The cherry on the cake is that the DuraWallet is made entirely from eco-friendly materials. It contains no leather or other similar materials, so it’s probably much ‘greener’ than your current wallet.

The Dura Wallet – Safest Wallet Out There

Because of its thinness and reduced size, the DuraWallet is much easier to handle than conventional wallets, which means you’re probably less likely to drop or misplace it. Not to mention that it doesn’t attract nearly as much attention as the average fat wallet. Pickpockets can actually mistake it for an ID cover, or simply reach the wrong conclusion that you carry little money on you, certainly not enough to make a theft worthwhile.

Another awesome security advantage of the wallet is that it blocks RFID signals, preventing electronic pickpockets from accessing your credit card info. More and more thieves use RFID in public places like squares, boulevards, or parks to steal private info, which they then try to use to hack your bank account. If you live in a major city, you’re at risk.

The ‘As Seen On TV’ Thin Wallet

The DuraWallet was showcased on TV by Marc Gill, who called it ‘the thinness wallet in the world’ and ‘five times thinner than average wallets’. Marc Gill demonstrated the amazing strength of the wallet by having it tied with two chains, one of which was fasted to a wall and the other to a racing car – the wallet was strong enough to withstand the pulling force of the car, holding the vehicle in place. If Marc Gill loves this wallet, chances are you’ll love it too.

The Best Shoe Insoles on the Market

The Best Shoe Insoles on the Market

Are you someone that is always on the go? Whether you work in a field that requires a lot of time on your feet or you suffer general feet and back pain, using shoe inserts is a great way to alleviate some of this pain and prevent more serious problems such as arthritis and joint damage from developing. There are many different types of shoe or insoles on the market that can be found and purchased at most shoe department stores, but not all inserts offer the same benefits or have the proper arch supports for the shape of your feet.

If you decide that shoe insoles are right for you or you want to give them a try, you should consider several factors before making your first purchase. First, determine the type of shoe you wish to wear with the insert and make sure that you are buying something that will fit inside your shoe. Second, check to see if the brand offers different designs or arch support based on the type of your feet. Finally, make sure you’re buying a high quality product that won’t slip inside the shoe and will adapt easily to your foot.

Spenco Insoles

Spenco first started their company in 1967 and since then have developed a complete line of arch support insoles as well as a line of sandals. All of their shoe inserts are designed for shock resistance and comfort, but some are designed for different purposes and preferences based on the level of use. The classic design can be molded with heat to support high or low arches and stabilize the foot to apply pressure evenly with every step.

The Spenco Total Support system incorporates the features of the classic insole whilst improving the design. The deep heel cup and flexible cradle of the insoles supports the heel and stabilizes the step to distribute shock through the entire foot rather than concentrating it on the heel.

People who push off in their step using their big or second toe, will often experience knee pain. If you’re suffering from these symptoms at the moment you may be interested to hear that the problem is known in medical circles as “over pronation”.  You may also be interested hear that Spenco insoles  are designed to combat the problem using a specially designed 3-Pod Modulation System

Complimenting the many great features of the Spenco Insoles is the wide selection of insoles available that will compliment a huge range of different shoe styles including high heels and dress shoes. Spenco offer thin, original, and thick models to support foot health and comfort no matter what shoes you are wearing. All of the Spenco inserts have antimicrobial fabrics and materials to prevent the odor causing bacteria.

Superfeet Insoles

Superfeet insoles were first designed in 1962 and have adapted through the years incorporating the discovery of lighter materials and a variety of shoe styles. These support inserts were originally developed for ski and winter boots to provide arch supports to athletes, but now offer a range of inserts that compliment tennis shoes and even high heels. Their custom inserts consistently rank as one of the best shoe insoles on the market because of the way the design encompasses the three major sections of a foot: the forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot to give the most complete support available.

These orthotic inserts utilize a heel cup to absorb some of the shock that your foot goes through every time you take a step. The design hugs your foot comfortably and helps to stabilize movements so that your feet are landing evenly without any additional and unnecessary pressure on a single region of the foot. Their short inserts are offered based on what they call a “fit profile.” The fit profile lets you determine the level of arch support you require which means both the insole and your foot can fit comfortably inside the shoe without forcing your foot against the roof of the shoe.

What are the best shoe insoles on the market?

Spenco and superfeet have had over 40 years of experience in designing custom foot orthotics and arch support inserts. Both companies offer high quality products that fit with any type of shoe, prevent slipping, and are made out of superior quality materials to give you the best and most complete foot comfort and protection. Spenco does have a slightly larger selection to choose from, but Superfeet’s design versatility makes up for this and provides a much easier selection to choose from that will fit most wearers.

If you’re looking for the absolute gold standard in shoe insloes have you considered the Walkfit Platimun line of insoles? The insoles use bleeding edge technology in order to reduce the stress on your feet and can also be easily fitted into a wide range of shoes due to their revolutionary design.  You can read our in depth look at the insoles here, or you can view  the latest deals on walkfit insoles here.

Orthotics for Flat Feet: What They Are and How They Could Help You

Orthotics for Flat Feet - What They Are and How They Could Help You

As any mechanic can tell you, driving a car without shocks is a bad idea. With every bump you hit, stress is placed on the rest of the car, and although you may not notice immediately, over time the car will show signs of damage; this can make it more and more likely that you’ll be facing costly repairs or risk a serious accident. The arches in your feet are a lot like the shocks on the car, and those with flat feet are essentially walking around without any way to absorb the shock from a single step.

It is estimated that with every step you take, your foot receives a shock equivalent to about 3-5x your total body weight. If you have flat feet, this shock can be absorbed in your knees and back and can cause pain and perhaps permanent damage over time. Using orthotics–which are foot paddings that slip right into any shoes–can help to compensate for this lack of arch by hugging your foot and providing it with the proper stabilization and shock absorption that your feet previously lacked.

Why flat Foot Insoles Could Be Just What You Need for Your Flat Feet

There are many causes of flat feet injury, illness, wearing flat shoes (such as sandals) too often, or even general aging. Flat feet can make it particularly difficult if you are employed in professions that require a large amount of time on your feet. The aches and pains that you may experience can be debilitating and make getting through a long day less than enjoyable.

The field of orthotic inserts has made incredible strides in the past 40 years to improve the quality of insoles while reducing costs for those suffering from flat fleet. You no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars on custom molds to find the relief you are looking for. Instead there are a number of options available from silicone molds to new and improved carbon designs. In fact, there is a style of orthotic for just about everywhere you go.

Orthotic Slippers

If you are looking for a solution for around the house wear; orthotic slippers are both a comfortable and shock absorbent option that will improve your foot health and reduce pressure on joints. These slippers can be found online or at many shoe department stores and offer built-in arch support, internal paddings, and a loose fit on your foot to avoid restricting blood flow. These slippers can help make it possible for you to go about your everyday household chores, especially if you have flat tile or wood floors in your house that can exasperate problems for those with flat feet.

Shoe Inserts

For everyday use and wear with your work or running shoes, shoe inserts can be purchased that slide right into your footwear and replace the flat padding that already sits inside the shoe. These inserts are made for all different styles and types of shoes. If you are looking for something that can go into hiking boots, you can find thick orthotic inserts that rest nicely inside boots and outdoor shoes without forcing the top of your foot up onto the roof of the shoe. On the other hand, if you are looking to use orthotic inserts with high heels or dress shoes, there are small and more sleek designs that can tuck away discretely, but still provide many of the same benefits previously discussed.

A few of the best orthotic inserts available on the market are from popular brands such as Dr. Scholl’s, Spenco, and Superfeet. All of these brands offer a wide selection of products that can fit the shape of your foot. Many also use antimicrobial materials inside their product to help and reduce odors that accumulate in your shoes from bacteria over time. Using some of these popular products can give your foot the support that it naturally needs and reduce the wear and tear on your body during your everyday routines.

The causes flat feet aren’t always preventable, but just because you have flat feet doesn’t mean that you have to suffer as a result. Using orthotics helps to supplement the essential shocks that your feet need to undergo and helps to distribute your body weight equally among the different sections in your foot. Continuing to walk around with unprotected feet and denying your feet the support they need to perform their job effectively can result in joint pain and costly medical and physical therapy costs later in life.

Orthotics come in all different types from orthotic slippers, inserts for boots, and even those for heels and dress shoes. Now you don’t have to be limited to where you go or how long you can comfortably stay on your feet to pursue what you love.

Treat your flat feet and more

If you’re looking for Orthotics then a lot of people are successfully easing their foot pain using the Walkfit Platinum range of shoe insoles. The insoles are specially designed to combat not just foot pain but also  to bring the users body into alignment which can lead to the easing of all manner of aches and pains.

The Walkfit insoles also include advanced germ killing technol which helps to keep your feet germ and odour free whilst you walk. Most importantly of all the Walkfit orthotics can be purchased for a fraction of the price of many other ortotic brands. You can find the best prices and latest information on Walkfit range of insoles and othotics here, or you can read our in depth article here.

The Best Front Pocket Wallets on the Market in 2015

Bulky wallets can be red flags to pickpockets and robbers and make you a potential target. The threat can be magnified if you are like many men who like to store their wallet in their back pocket, providing easier access for thieves to nab some of your most precious items. Front pocket wallets are one of the best options at minimizing this threat and giving you peace of mind that all of your financial documents are within your reach, and tucked away from prying hands. They can also be some of the thinnest wallets available, easily allowing you to tuck them away unnoticeably until you actually need to use it.

Our Favorite Front Pocket Wallets for 2015

Front Pocket Wallet By Rogue Wallet

The Front Pocket Wallet by Rogue wallet is made out of high quality black satin premium leather and is miniscule measuring just 3” high, 5” wide and weighing 2.6 ounces–less, than a ¼ of a pound. The wallet features an plastic ID case with a thumb slide that makes it incredibly simple to get your IDs in an out, three credit card slots that are double sided meaning that they can hold up to six cards, and a billfold slot that fits both U.S. and International currency.

Shaped like a half circle similar to the design of your jean pocket, Rogue Wallet’s Front Pocket Wallet slides smoothly in and out every time you need it. This wallet comes in four different color options: black, black with a red stripe, brown, and a tan satin. Front Pocket Wallet can be purchased from Rogue Wallet’s Amazon storefront ,click the button below to see the current deals available on the wallet.

Dopp Regatta 88 Series Front Getaway Pocket

Dopp Regatta’s 88 Series Front Getaway Pocket wallet is made out of a tanned cowhide that is oiled and smooth and comes in two different colors: black or mahogany. Similar to other men’s wallet brands like Rogue Wallet, Dopp Regatta uses an ID window with a thumb slide so that you can slide your identification in and out with ease.

This wallet is a superb option for minimalists as it only has room for three credit cards that are placed vertically inside the wallet. Rather than having an entire pocket designated for cash, the wallet uses an open pocket that acts similar to a money clip for currency folded in half. Another great feature that is original to this wallet is that is has an additional section to hold paper documents like receipts.

The Dopp Regatta wallet is even more compact than the Rogue Wallet measuring at just 3” high and 4.2” wide; however, this wallet does use more of a traditional rectangular wallet design as opposed to the half-circle shape, which may or may not appeal to your personal preferences. Priced very reasonably, the wallet is an economical choice if you can do without the extra credit card space and are looking for a reliable name in men’s wallet brands. This wallet can purchased on Amazon at Dopp Regatta’s storefront page, click below to access the best possible deals on the wallet.

Is the Thinnest Wallet Always the Best Wallet for You?

If you choose to go with a front pocket wallet, inevitably you will have to eliminate some of the items you currently have stuffed in your wallet, but that doesn’t mean that these wallet types aren’t right for you. Look in your wallet at this very moment and count out all the cards you actually use. Chances are there are some items that you can afford to leave at home until you actually need them, and some items that you didn’t even know you had. Consider this process of changing wallet styles as an opportunity to organize your life as opposed to the hassle of changing up your normal routine.

One of the main benefits of thin wallets is that they are sleek. If you are a business professional or someone that travels a lot, a front wallet won’t produce an unsightly bulge that might have been caused by a thick back pocket wallet which may also have been putting you at risk of becoming a victim of thieves. Thin wallets also aren’t as susceptible to wear lines on jeans that are often produced by constant pressure applied by thicker wallets. That means that you don’t have to go out and buy new jeans every few months because you are walking around with a permanent impression of your wallet on your clothing.

By now you know the benefits of carrying a thinner, more slimline wallet,, but which wallet should you buy? To give you a few ideas we’ve reviewed two  of the best front pocket wallets on the market.  Hopefully, our reviews will help you to make your buying decision and aid you to remove that heavy wallet from your back pocket!

The Kymaro Body Shaper: Could it improve your body in seconds?

The Kymaro Bodyshaper Review

The Kymaro Body Shaper helps you slim down two dress sizes, giving your body a sleek and slender look. Fitting your form perfectly, it highlights your curves and improves your figure and posture, so that you can tackle life with more confidence. Compared to other methods of getting rid of weight, like exercising, fasting, undergoing surgery, or taking costly treatments, the Kymaro Shaper is the fastest and safest. Find out more about  Kymaro’s revolutionary garment and its benefits below.

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What Is the Kymaro Body Shaper?

A comfortable undergarment that you can easily wear with your favorite outfits, regardless of the weather or occasion, whether you’re walking down the street to the local shop, or going on a romantic date. Made from flexible micro-fibers that contour your body while providing maximum comfort, the body shaper is available in two colors, black and invisible, and enough sizes to accommodate all frames. If you don’t have time for the gym, are dissatisfied with your low-calorie diet, or simply want to make your body look sexier, the Kymaro  Shaper is right for you. It’s an easy to wear accessory that eliminates your problem areas while highlighting your curves.

What The Kymaro New Body Shaper Can Do For You

The moment you put it on, the body shaper instantly transforms your figure, smoothing any bulges. The result is a slimmer and sexier figure perfect for stylish dresses, as well as for any other type of clothes you can think of. The shaper makes you feel better about your own body. But all this doesn’t come at the price of comfort. Kymaro’s garment is designed to be lightweight and comfortable – put it on and you’ll soon forget you’re wearing it.

Here are some reasons why you want to wear the body shaper:

  • Flattens muffin tops.

  • Provides the support of a wonder bra.

  • Improves your figure and posture.

  • It’s inexpensive.

  • Can be worn under any clothing, whether light or tin, casual or formal.

  • It’s easy to put on and take off.

  • Gets rid of panty lines.

  • Reshapes your body, making it look hotter.

  • Its flexible micro-fibers move with you, not affecting your mobility.

Kymaro Body Shaper Versus Other Ways of Losing Weight

The advantages of Kymaro’s Body Shaper are best seen when compared to other methods or products devised for losing weight.

Versus Going to the Gym

Going to the gym is an effective way to lose weight and improve the strength and health of your body, but it doesn’t bring overnight results, no matter how determined you are, or how good the workout you follow. Besides, going to the gym can be expensive, and, for a beginner, difficult, at least in the first weeks. Not to mention that, depending on how hectic your schedule is, it can be difficult to find room for the gym in your life, especially if you have small kids to look after. Of course, the body shaper is not a substitute for the gym, nor can it help you lose weight naturally like the gym, but it’s a quick and simple fix that boosts your confidence and makes you fit for that gorgeous dress you’re dying to wear.

Versus Following a Low-Calorie Diet

While low-fat eating is essential for anyone regardless of their weight, the truth is that a low-calorie diet is a slow way to lose weight. It doesn’t have to be expensive or untasty – there are many affordable, delicious low-fat recipes out there – but it requires perseverance and time for preparing your meals, and may take months, even seasons before it brings considerable results. And since the fridge is always near, the temptation to eat cake is always there. Again, the shaper is not an alternative to healthy eating, but it can bring you faster results. If you want results now, then the revolutionary new shaper is for you.

Versus Weight Loss Treatments or Devices

The market is saturated with weight loss products that promise thinness and sexiness, yet few deliver it. You’re probably sick and tired of weight loss ads and their empty, or unrealistic promises. Not to mention that many weight loss treatments or devices are quite expensive. The shaper doesn’t promise you instant weight loss – it just makes your body more attractive by concealing problem areas and drawing attention to your curves. Since it’s a simple microfiber undergarment, there’s little to worry about in terms of safety, functionality, or ‘performance’. You put it on and look and feel better, that’s all.

Ideally, you’ll want to combine wearing the shaper with going to the gym regularly and eating low-fat, healthy food. But if you just want the simplest solution possible to looking better and feeling more confident with who you are, then you’ve found it.

Kymaro Body Shaper Reviews

The shaper enjoys mostly positive reviews on Amazon, with many customers being surprisingly pleased with what it offers given its low price. Some go so far as to call it the best body shaper they’ve ever worn. Customers call it ‘light and cool’ and praise it for being flexible enough to move with the body, making it wearable at work and outside with as much ease as inside. If it works for other people, it will probably work for you too, so why not give it a try?

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Ab Rocket Twister : Will it work for you? Our in-depth investigation

Introducing a new and revolutionizing method of training all your abs at once, the Ab Rocket Twister abdominal trainer makes your abdomen beautiful and strong with only a few minutes worth of exercise a day. If you are eager to work your abs but are dissatisfied with the ab training devices you’ve tried so far and have a busy schedule that doesn’t allow you to go to the gym often enough, then the twister is the practical solution for you. At less than 10 pounds, it’s easy to use at home, and can then be quickly folded and stored away until the next day. Below you’ll discover more about Ab Rocket and learn how it can help you.


The twister trainer comes with several features that set it apart from other similar devices for home workouts. The first thing you’ll notice about this as seen on TV ab trainer is its back, which features several massage rollers and cushions designed to minimize the nagging neck and back pain so often associated with abdominal exercises. These rollers are also extremely comfortable, letting you focus on your exercise.

Ab Rocket Twister ReviewThe backrest is nice enough, but what you’ll like most about the rocket is its unique pivot & twist training mechanism, which makes crunches and obliques easier to do and more effective. The fundamental system of the Ab Rocker is simple: it pivots when you do crunch like motions and then turns using its swivel chair, to provide you with a total ab and oblique workout. Ab Rocket doesn’t force you to make any awkward, straining movements – it only helps you to do your crunches and obliques faster and better.

And because it’s designed to offer resistance not only on your way down, but also on your way up, it has a more powerful impact on your workout than if you were to do only crunches. Of course, you’ll need a bit of time to get used to it, but afterward you’ll ‘rock and twist your way to killer abs’.

Great For Both Novices and Pros

The Twister targets both beginners and fitness enthusiasts. It includes 3 levels of resistance bands which can be easily added to or removed from the device to increase or decrease the difficulty of the workout. This simple way of controlling the intensity of the exercise makes Ab Rocket a convenient workout system that your whole family can use. The different resistance bands also enable you to plan advanced workouts of alternate intensity, or easily decrease the load of your workout when you are recovering after an injury.

Lose Weight with the Ab Rocket Twister

Ab Rocket abdominal trainer is just perfect if you want to get rid of extra weight, and in particular of abdominal fat and love handles. Its simple and effective rock and twist system burns fat while remaining easy to use even for someone who’s not in shape. Of course it does require constant use, but it’s a sustainable method of losing fat, one that won’t injure or strain your body, and more importantly, that you can carry out from the comfort of your home without having to go to the gym.

Benefits of the Rocket Twister

Whether you’re into fitness, trying to get rid of some extra weight, or are a professional athlete looking to boost your performance, here are some reasons why you may want to try out the Ab Rocket:

  • Easy to use and store at home – you can use it in your living room, bedroom, or any other room without any hassle.

  • Forms a stepping stone for your workout, encouraging you to exercise more often and to do it better.

  • Can be used as your main workout system, or in combination with other fitness gadgets that work other muscles of your body.

  • Doesn’t take much time to get used to, which makes it an excellent choice for beginners.

  • Weighs less than 10 pounds, so you can easily take it with you to your vacation house.

Apart from the 3 levels of resistance bands, the Twister abdominal trainer comes bundled with fat blasting DVDs, a 5-in-1 cardio DVD, and a low-calorie simple yet delicious meal plan.

Ab Rocket Twister Reviews

Many people who bought the Twister trainer through Amazon have good things to say about it. Some say they’ve been using it daily and feel great and, although they don’t usually buy products advertised on TV, they’re more than happy with this one. Quite a few reviewers managed to lose weight with it. Another reviewer found it an outstanding product when used with care and precision, drawing attention to the fact that it’s designed for use at home, not in a public gym. Others praise its lightness and the ease with which it can be stored. Since plenty of customers who’ve bought the Twister so far like it, you might want to try it too.