The Best Front Pocket Wallets on the Market in 2015

Bulky wallets can be red flags to pickpockets and robbers and make you a potential target. The threat can be magnified if you are like many men who like to store their wallet in their back pocket, providing easier access for thieves to nab some of your most precious items. Front pocket wallets are one of the best options at minimizing this threat and giving you peace of mind that all of your financial documents are within your reach, and tucked away from prying hands. They can also be some of the thinnest wallets available, easily allowing you to tuck them away unnoticeably until you actually need to use it.

Our Favorite Front Pocket Wallets for 2015

Front Pocket Wallet By Rogue Wallet

The Front Pocket Wallet by Rogue wallet is made out of high quality black satin premium leather and is miniscule measuring just 3” high, 5” wide and weighing 2.6 ounces–less, than a ¼ of a pound. The wallet features an plastic ID case with a thumb slide that makes it incredibly simple to get your IDs in an out, three credit card slots that are double sided meaning that they can hold up to six cards, and a billfold slot that fits both U.S. and International currency.

Shaped like a half circle similar to the design of your jean pocket, Rogue Wallet’s Front Pocket Wallet slides smoothly in and out every time you need it. This wallet comes in four different color options: black, black with a red stripe, brown, and a tan satin. Front Pocket Wallet can be purchased from Rogue Wallet’s Amazon storefront ,click the button below to see the current deals available on the wallet.

Dopp Regatta 88 Series Front Getaway Pocket

Dopp Regatta’s 88 Series Front Getaway Pocket wallet is made out of a tanned cowhide that is oiled and smooth and comes in two different colors: black or mahogany. Similar to other men’s wallet brands like Rogue Wallet, Dopp Regatta uses an ID window with a thumb slide so that you can slide your identification in and out with ease.

This wallet is a superb option for minimalists as it only has room for three credit cards that are placed vertically inside the wallet. Rather than having an entire pocket designated for cash, the wallet uses an open pocket that acts similar to a money clip for currency folded in half. Another great feature that is original to this wallet is that is has an additional section to hold paper documents like receipts.

The Dopp Regatta wallet is even more compact than the Rogue Wallet measuring at just 3” high and 4.2” wide; however, this wallet does use more of a traditional rectangular wallet design as opposed to the half-circle shape, which may or may not appeal to your personal preferences. Priced very reasonably, the wallet is an economical choice if you can do without the extra credit card space and are looking for a reliable name in men’s wallet brands. This wallet can purchased on Amazon at Dopp Regatta’s storefront page, click below to access the best possible deals on the wallet.

Is the Thinnest Wallet Always the Best Wallet for You?

If you choose to go with a front pocket wallet, inevitably you will have to eliminate some of the items you currently have stuffed in your wallet, but that doesn’t mean that these wallet types aren’t right for you. Look in your wallet at this very moment and count out all the cards you actually use. Chances are there are some items that you can afford to leave at home until you actually need them, and some items that you didn’t even know you had. Consider this process of changing wallet styles as an opportunity to organize your life as opposed to the hassle of changing up your normal routine.

One of the main benefits of thin wallets is that they are sleek. If you are a business professional or someone that travels a lot, a front wallet won’t produce an unsightly bulge that might have been caused by a thick back pocket wallet which may also have been putting you at risk of becoming a victim of thieves. Thin wallets also aren’t as susceptible to wear lines on jeans that are often produced by constant pressure applied by thicker wallets. That means that you don’t have to go out and buy new jeans every few months because you are walking around with a permanent impression of your wallet on your clothing.

By now you know the benefits of carrying a thinner, more slimline wallet,, but which wallet should you buy? To give you a few ideas we’ve reviewed two  of the best front pocket wallets on the market.  Hopefully, our reviews will help you to make your buying decision and aid you to remove that heavy wallet from your back pocket!

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