The Best Shoe Insoles on the Market

The Best Shoe Insoles on the Market

Are you someone that is always on the go? Whether you work in a field that requires a lot of time on your feet or you suffer general feet and back pain, using shoe inserts is a great way to alleviate some of this pain and prevent more serious problems such as arthritis and joint damage from developing. There are many different types of shoe or insoles on the market that can be found and purchased at most shoe department stores, but not all inserts offer the same benefits or have the proper arch supports for the shape of your feet.

If you decide that shoe insoles are right for you or you want to give them a try, you should consider several factors before making your first purchase. First, determine the type of shoe you wish to wear with the insert and make sure that you are buying something that will fit inside your shoe. Second, check to see if the brand offers different designs or arch support based on the type of your feet. Finally, make sure you’re buying a high quality product that won’t slip inside the shoe and will adapt easily to your foot.

Spenco Insoles

Spenco first started their company in 1967 and since then have developed a complete line of arch support insoles as well as a line of sandals. All of their shoe inserts are designed for shock resistance and comfort, but some are designed for different purposes and preferences based on the level of use. The classic design can be molded with heat to support high or low arches and stabilize the foot to apply pressure evenly with every step.

The Spenco Total Support system incorporates the features of the classic insole whilst improving the design. The deep heel cup and flexible cradle of the insoles supports the heel and stabilizes the step to distribute shock through the entire foot rather than concentrating it on the heel.

People who push off in their step using their big or second toe, will often experience knee pain. If you’re suffering from these symptoms at the moment you may be interested to hear that the problem is known in medical circles as “over pronation”.  You may also be interested hear that Spenco insoles  are designed to combat the problem using a specially designed 3-Pod Modulation System

Complimenting the many great features of the Spenco Insoles is the wide selection of insoles available that will compliment a huge range of different shoe styles including high heels and dress shoes. Spenco offer thin, original, and thick models to support foot health and comfort no matter what shoes you are wearing. All of the Spenco inserts have antimicrobial fabrics and materials to prevent the odor causing bacteria.

Superfeet Insoles

Superfeet insoles were first designed in 1962 and have adapted through the years incorporating the discovery of lighter materials and a variety of shoe styles. These support inserts were originally developed for ski and winter boots to provide arch supports to athletes, but now offer a range of inserts that compliment tennis shoes and even high heels. Their custom inserts consistently rank as one of the best shoe insoles on the market because of the way the design encompasses the three major sections of a foot: the forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot to give the most complete support available.

These orthotic inserts utilize a heel cup to absorb some of the shock that your foot goes through every time you take a step. The design hugs your foot comfortably and helps to stabilize movements so that your feet are landing evenly without any additional and unnecessary pressure on a single region of the foot. Their short inserts are offered based on what they call a “fit profile.” The fit profile lets you determine the level of arch support you require which means both the insole and your foot can fit comfortably inside the shoe without forcing your foot against the roof of the shoe.

What are the best shoe insoles on the market?

Spenco and superfeet have had over 40 years of experience in designing custom foot orthotics and arch support inserts. Both companies offer high quality products that fit with any type of shoe, prevent slipping, and are made out of superior quality materials to give you the best and most complete foot comfort and protection. Spenco does have a slightly larger selection to choose from, but Superfeet’s design versatility makes up for this and provides a much easier selection to choose from that will fit most wearers.

If you’re looking for the absolute gold standard in shoe insloes have you considered the Walkfit Platimun line of insoles? The insoles use bleeding edge technology in order to reduce the stress on your feet and can also be easily fitted into a wide range of shoes due to their revolutionary design.  You can read our in depth look at the insoles here, or you can view  the latest deals on walkfit insoles here.

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