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The Ayurveda Experience Review

You may have stumbled or found this review because for some reason, you’re feeling “off”. This is not exactly a weird feeling at all, because it’s actually quite common. It comes with a lot of different symptoms, such as unhappiness, discontent, moodiness, obesity, or fatigue. And perhaps you’re in luck and The Ayurveda Experience can help.

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After all, you may have tried conventional ways of getting help, such as seeing doctors and psychiatrists and taken lots of different medications, and they didn’t work. You’ve tried various fad diets and programs. Sometimes your friends may have even noticed that something’s wrong and they may have recommended a new haircut or a makeover, or perhaps some new form of training session.

Use the Ayurveda method to gain peace But with Ayurveda, you’re entering into a different way of viewing the problem. You may have heard the term if you’re familiar with names such as Deepak Chopra, but Ayurveda isn’t a new fad. In fact, it’s one of the oldest systems of medicine still in existence. It’s actually more than 5,000 years old, and more recent belief systems such as Buddhism, Tibetan medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine incorporated many of its precepts.

What Is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is holistic system of medicine. An illness isn’t just a matter of some physical cause. An illness is when something disrupts the delicate balance between the body, mind, and spirit. Lately, even conventional medicine is taking note of this phenomenon, because research on stress (an emotional and mental condition) has definitely concluded that it can cause serious physical harm.

Now explaining Ayurveda can be a bit tricky, and the problem is that many of the texts that try to explain the concept can be very complicated. And sometimes they’re not very practical because they don’t really tell you what to do.

And that’s where The Ayurveda Experience comes in. This program on Ayurveda holistic medicine is very clearly laid out, and full of practical tips which you can do easily enough. Ayurveda sessions can be very expensive in some centers if you can find one that’s good—the average session costs $1750. This program is much more affordable, and the knowledge and practical advice last for a lifetime.

It consists of 7 modules, and each one explains the various aspects of Ayurveda splendidly. And they also contain practical advice that clearly shows and demonstrates what you need to do when you have to perform the recommended practices.

It helps not just with your own health (mental, physical, and spiritual), but the program also helps you improve your various relationships, especially with your partner.

Does It Work?

It all depends on you, but if conventional medicine isn’t doing you much good, and fad diets and a makeover simply don’t offer results, then perhaps a completely different way of thinking like Ayurveda can work.

And with this program, you have an excellent way of delving right into the system without having to encounter complicated notions which you can’t grasp or use. The beauty of this program is that it is very understandable, and the tips given are very practical.

Even other Ayurvedic experts agree on its effectiveness and they recommend it wholeheartedly. Deepak Chopra extols its ability to present ancient knowledge to a modern audience and how it can help people through a journey of discovery. His daughter admires how it helps people get their balance in their everyday lives.

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William Levacy (author of Vedic Astrology, Simply Put) acknowledges the usefulness and practicality of the program, while Candace Pert, (PhD, author of Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine) recommends the program because it helps people achieve a delicate balance that leads to perfect health.

Of course, if you’re going to approach this with a kind of sneering disdain, then its effectiveness may not be maximized. At the very least, you need an open mind here. After all, even conventional medicine believes in psychosomatic treatments, where a treatment works better when you believe it will work.

How Can You Buy This Course?

If you want to give Ayurveda a try, then this course can really help. Your best option is to buy it from the official website so you can be introduced to the concept properly. The website starts with a 3-minute personality test that determines your personality type and then it continues by explain how Ayurveda can give you a better perspective in how your emotional, mental, and physical problems are related.

From there you can go on until you get to the page where you can buy the program. It costs only $97 in its digital form which you can download from the website.

You can also get the whole program in discs and that will cost $127, and the shipping is free. Also, you can get both the digital and the disc versions together and it still will cost only $127.

Your purchase also entitles you to a lot of freebies. These include videos on preparing an Ayurvedic breakfast, another kind of massage, helpful herbs, and focusing your energies.

There’s also a text companion to the modules, as well as a free book on the perfect balance diet.

calm the waters of your lifeIf you get the physical form of the program, it will reach you in one or two weeks. You’ll get a tracking number too. You also get a 60-day money-back guarantee, and if you get the physical form you only need to return the program back to the same address (3 Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi – 110024) and you get your money back when it arrives. For those who only got the digital version, a call to customer support for a refund gets you your money back in 2 business days.

Should You Buy into Ayurveda?

Why not, if conventional medicine isn’t working for you anymore? If you’re feeling off and it’s affecting your work, your moods, your relationships, and your weight, then perhaps a new perspective can help you fix all the symptoms. It may be better than conventionally dealing with each problem separately and failing.

With The Ayurveda Experience, you have a comprehensive program that’s easy to understand and which clearly tells you what to do.

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How to Overcome Anxiety – 5 Ways to Aid Your Recovery

How to Overcome Anxiety – 5 Ways to Aid Your Recovery

Anxiety isn’t something you should ignore or accept as a natural part of your life. Overcoming anxiety can be a challenge, but there are certain over-the-counter methods and natural remedies that can offer relief. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with anxiety that’s going to work for absolutely everyone. However, there are certain methods that can aid in your recovery from various forms of anxiety. Here are five natural and OTC approaches to dealing with anxiety:

1. Herbal Remedies

Various studies have confirmed the numerous healing properties commonly associated with certain herbal remedies. Specifically, Chamomile, St. Johns Wort and Valerian root have been shown to help significantly reduce common anxiety-related symptoms. Some reports suggest that herbal remedies alone are more successful for treating mild cases of anxiety rather than sudden panic attacks and severe anxiety. It’s important to check with your doctor before starting any herbal remedies to avoid an adverse reaction with any medications you currently take.

2. Natural Supplements

If you’re going to try certain supplements to help combat some of the symptoms of anxiety, it’s generally recommended that you go with a natural supplement. Natural supplements tend to have far less adverse reactions, especially if mixed with any existing medications you may be taking on a regular basis. Some natural supplements to consider for use in easing anxiety attacks include:

• Magnesium – Magnesium has been found to be effective in helping to reduce the impact of traumatic stress frequently experienced during periods of intense anxiety. Magnesium is believed to help create new brain response patterns to counteract the effects of previous anxiety attacks.

• Omega 3 fatty acids – Omega 3 fatty acids have long been touted for many health benefits. When it comes to anxiety and stress, a study suggests that omega-3s can reduce the effects of anxiety-related conditions by about 20 percent. If you don’t get enough omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, supplements provide a more concentrated amount with similar results.

• GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) – GABA has been found to calm firing nerves within the central nervous system. Prolonged stress can interfere with this process. When this process is inhibited, individuals prone to anxiety attacks may experience symptoms such as manic behavior and recklessness. A general recommendation is about 500-1000 mg per day. You can also balance it out with foods that contain GABA such as spinach, green tea and bananas.

3. Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation therapies such as yoga and mediation release so-called “feel good hormones” that can naturally counteract some symptoms of anxiety. Since relaxation therapies can also be fun as well as relaxing, they can be easily incorporated into long-term anxiety relief treatments. An added benefit is that relaxation therapy can be a group activity where you can meet other individuals dealing with similar stresses or it can be something you do in the privacy of your own home on your time.

4. Anti-Anxiety Diet

Anxiety is more than just mental. New research suggests that some anxiety disorders may be related to your diet. Making certain adjustments to your diet could dramatically reduce panic attacks and certain anxiety-related conditions. While there are many different diets recommended for this purpose, most anti-anxiety diets call for a reduction in the consumption of sugars, fats, dairy and meat while recommending an increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.

5. Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

Not the be confused with cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, cognitive behavioral techniques can be practiced on your own time. CBT techniques have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in some individuals dealing with a certain level of anxiety on a regular basis. The idea behind CBT and panic attacks is to employ these techniques when you feel the onslaught of a panic attack to stop it before it becomes more severe. Some common cognitive behavioral techniques include:

• Thought Records – As the name implies, you simply keep a record of negative thoughts that occur throughout the day. This may include negative statements or your reaction to stressful situations such as a confrontation with your boss or an issue with a rude parking attendant.

• Pleasant Activity Scheduling – This technique involves scheduling some pleasant activity to give yourself something positive to look forward to on a regular basis. It could be Monday, Wednesday, Friday or on weekends. The idea is to participate in some pleasant activity you haven’t tried yet but have some interest in such as painting or taking a cooking class. It can be a group activity or something you do entirely on your own time such as woodworking or biking.

• Situation Exposure Hierarchies – Start by making a list of situations that cause you the most stress. Each subsequent item decreases in its personal stress level for you. For example, if you have an eating disorder, eating some fat-free yogurt would be relatively easy while enjoying an ice cream sundae as a treat would be something you would find difficult. The idea is to work your way through the list until your level of stress associated with each task is reduced.

• Imagery Based Exposure – This technique is about directly dealing with stressful moments rather than trying to forget such situations. The concept is to go over every detail of an especially stressful moment to the point where you understand all the emotions that were at play and what triggered your reaction so that the next time you encounter something similar your stress level will be reduced.

While there are many approaches to dealing with anxiety, the Linden Method is an approach to overcoming anxiety that many individuals have found to be effective. It’s a natural method that doesn’t involve the use of drugs or require commitment to expensive therapy sessions. The program, which includes a detailed manual and audio and video accessories, can be purchased at bookstores worldwide or online. You can get the latest information and best prices on the linden method here.

Learn more about the Linden Method by reading our in depth article here.

The Linden Method – Could It Cure Your Anxiety?

The Linden Method – Could It Cure Your Anxiety

If you’ve ever dealt with any type of anxiety, panic attack or phobia, you know firsthand the debilitating nature of any of these disorders. Finding a solution that works can be just as much of a challenge. You want a treatment that’s effective, yet you don’t want to be dependent on medication with possible unintended side effects such as drowsiness or trouble sleeping. The solution you’re seeking could be a comprehensive program known as the Linden Method.

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What is the Linden Method?

The Linden Method is an anxiety elimination program designed to help adults and children dealing with various forms of anxiety, including obsessive compulsive disorders and phobias. In addition to being government-recommended, the program is also endorsed by doctors and psychologists based on the way the program is structured and the results reported by patients who have used it. While the Linden Method can be successful, it’s not an instant cure promising quick results or a simple one-time fix. The program is unique in that no therapy is involved. It’s also drug free, which means no risk of potentially harmful side effects. The program includes:

• A detailed manual
• A series of audio CDs (with companion manual)
• Videos to further detail the program
• Panic attack eliminator (to immediately stop panic attacks while they occur)

How Does the Linden Method Treat Anxiety?

The comprehensive program works by solving anxiety disorders by dealing with the various aspects of the anxiety condition. Individuals are taught useful techniques to eliminate the anxiety. The program does include a high level of support from trained specialists and psychologists who can be contacted by phone and email as needed for additional assistance. It’s a method based on accepted scientific knowledge with recommendations by prominent psychologists.

Background on the Linden Method

Charles Linden cured himself of panic attacks and devastating symptoms of anxiety with a method he developed that worked achieved long-lasting results in a relatively short period of time. Since then, Mr. Linden has worked to refine the process that worked for him into a simple program anybody can use. Today, the method Charles fine-tuned is used by an estimated 160,000-plus individuals around the world. Charles witnessed firsthand how people desperate for help were misled to spend money on treatments that simply didn’t work.

Mr. Linden even tried some of these so-called remedies himself. He spent a lot of time trying various therapies and seeing several different doctors in an effort to find meaningful relief. He spent two years putting together the method that bares his name into an advanced anxiety disorder elimination program. Charles currently practices in Worcestershire, England and continues to see clients from all over the world. Clients are able to join the Linden Method online or by purchasing the program at bookshops. The program Mr. Linden created is designed to:

• Help you become more reassured and relaxed
• Permanently remove persistent daily symptoms
• Remove the primary cause of the anxiety
• Stop panic attacks and unwanted thoughts
• Successfully deal with additional challenges in life

Cost Effective Alternative to Therapy

Compared to ongoing therapy sessions with an analyst or psychotherapist, the Linden Method is a cost-effective approach to dealing with often complex anxiety issues. The Linden Method can be purchased directly online. You have the option of ordering the printed pack for $197 with unlimited support and delivery of audio CDs and DVD/video. The program can also be downloaded for $137 with delivery and unlimited support provided by government approved mental health professionals.

Note: When purchased online, the program comes with five free bonuses, including additional audio tracks and a video.

What Real People Are Saying About the Linden Method

Daniel J. Bromsgrove reports experiencing results in just three days after suffering from anxiety for more than three years. Jane Griffiths, a certified nurse practitioner and healthcare trainer, has had success employing the method with patients she has worked with, including individuals involved with the M42 minibus disaster. The program gave James T. of Ontario, Canada the confidence to overcome his anxiety and panic attacks. Joe Chinn of Lichfield was diagnosed with generic anxiety believed to be linked to a similar condition that affected his grandmother. He admits to being skeptical of the program, but was willing to give it a try. He recently started a new job after achieving positive results.

Meaningful Relief

The method works for both mild anxiety disorders and severe attacks, as evidenced by testimonials from individuals like Robyn A. of Nottingham, UK. Robyn discovered the program after suffering a particularly severe panic attack that left her crying and desperate to find a remedy. She reports finding real relief through the program and appreciates the fact that Charles never took advantage of her urgency to find meaningful relief. Stuart Guest of Lothian, Scotland was addicted to tranquillizers and desperate to find a way to deal with his anxiety that didn’t require a dependence on medication. He reported immediate relief from his panic attacks and eventually learned how to deal with his feelings of anxiety.

With guaranteed results, the Linden Method is based on 16 years of practice with 160,000 individuals reporting success with the program. As long as you have realistic expectations, it’s worth the effort for anybody seeking meaningful relief from panic attacks and anxiety disorders.