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The Hurricane 360 Spin Mop: Could it cut your cleaning times in half?

Hurricane 360 Spin Mop Review – Why It Could Make Your Cleaning Tasks So Much Easier

A major upgrade of the traditional mop, the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop makes cleaning the floors in your home easier, faster, and more enjoyable. What’s so special about it? For a start, its unique 360 degrees rotating action helps you do your work more effectively, while its thirsty microfiber fingers soak up anything and everything, including dust and hair, leaving your floors perfectly dry and clean.

That’s not all. The Spin Mop’s patented centrifugal spinning dryer technology makes sure your mop is always clean, saving you both time and energy. This mop can dramatically speed up your cleaning time, and even cut it in half – discover how below.

Clean and Polish At the Same Time with the 360 Degrees Rotating Action

The  Mop whirls with ease to cover a wider surface than a traditional mop, and to clean better, even in more inaccessible places. With it you don’t have to worry about moving chairs, tables, cupboards, or other furniture – it easily reaches the farthest corners of your floor. Also, it enables you to polish while cleaning, saving you time.

In the end, the 360 degrees rotating system provides a more effective way for you to clean your floor, one that is simpler and more convenient. The Hurricane  Mop won’t tire you as much as the mop you own now does.

Soak Up Everything Quickly With the Thirsty Microfiber Mophead

With the Hurricane at your disposal you don’t have to mop a spill twice, not even when it’s big. Its thirsty microfiber fingers absorb the spill or mess in no time, like a sponge, and since they don’t drip or leak, you don’t ever have to worry about leaving a trail behind.

The microfiber fingers are just great for quickly cleaning accidental spills in the kitchen, living room, or bathroom, as well as for picking up dust, hairs, and more without sweeping. Thanks to the foot-operated centrifugal spinning dryer technology with which the bucket is equipped, twisting them dry again is childs play, especially since the fibers, when submerged in water, expand, ‘dropping off’ the dirt.

Another great thing about the Hurricane Mop head is that you can toss it into your washer and clean it over 300 times.

Works On Almost All Surfaces

Whether you use it on wood, marble, travertine, or other stone surface, the Hurricane Mop cleans effectively and polishes too. It’s especially great for wood floorings, which it quickly makes shiny with its microfibers mop head, as well as for tiles, on which it has a similar effect.

Another major advantage of using the 360 Spin Mop is that because of its excellent absorption power it may not require as much water and cleaning solutions as a conventional mop, thus helping to preserve the natural shine of surfaces, as well as preventing them from sustaining gradual damage resulting from prolonged exposure to detergents.

Cuts Your Cleaning Time In Half

With its unique spinning technology, microfiber mophead, effective drying system, and ease of use, The Hurricane 360  dramatically reduces the time you spend cleaning your floors so that you will have more for your friends and family. It also makes cleaning less stressful, since it gets rid of big stains with ease and picks up everything from the floor, not to mention that its centrifugal drying system saves you the trouble of having to twist the mop dry yourself.

Whether you live alone or have a large family, the efficiency, usefulness, and practicality of the  Mop makes cleaning an almost enjoyable task, and one you will most certainly look forward to.

Hurricane 360 Spin Mop Reviews

This ‘as seen on TV’ mop enjoys many positive reviews on Amazon, with some customers calling it ‘simply the best mop I have ever bought’. Some reviewers reported that they had begun to use it across all surfaces, using it to clean walls, ceilings, shower stalls and glass, and even large trash cans. Quite a few people are delighted with the mop head, which picks up tons of dirt and hair, making it indispensable for homeowners with several pets. One reviewer praised the ease with which it can be used, saying it was excellent for her because she doesn’t have much grip strength in her hands. Another reviewer said it really cut her cleaning time in half, a conclusion other customers have reached as well.

Ultimately,  the Hurricane Spin Mop is likely to make your cleaning tasks much easier and less stressful. If you’re unhappy with the limitations of your current mop and want to try a more advanced model, then you will definitely want to check this one out.