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A comprehensive Talking to Toddlers audio course review

Having a toddler is a lot of fun, but it can also be frustrating at times because communicating with them is pretty hard. Those of you reading this that have toddlers will know exactly how challenging it is to raise one. Recently we’ve heard good things from people who have purchased an audio book called Talking to Toddlers by Chris Thompson, after consuming the book they report that they’ve had  a much easier time talking with their little one. Many parents find that the biggest problem with their children is the communication gap, but this audio book has helped many people to start really connecting with their kids.

talking to toddlers improve realtionship

Talking to Toddlers Overview

I’m going to start by telling you a bit about the program’s creator, Chris Thompson, who is a registered NLP (neuro linguistic practitioner) and a writer. He’s worked extensively in developing language strategies for parents, and he poured his knowledge into this audio book. As Thompson points out, the communication barrier is what causes toddlers to throw tantrums, and that’s understandable since children at this stage don’t really understand logic.

Teacher and Student People who have got hold of his audio book, have discovered that it is full of tips and tricks for communicating with your toddler. In the program, Chris explains step by step how to interact with your toddler and provides techniques to keep them from throwing a tantrum.

What makes this program different is it doesn’t make your child think you’re in control, as that will just make the situation worse. Instead, what Chris’ program does is show you how to make your toddler think that he or she is control when in truth, it’s actually you who’s in control.

Because Chris is an expert in neuro-linguistic programming, he knows exactly how to talk to toddlers, and he does this by explaining to you various body and verbal language techniques, many of which I have never heard anywhere on the web. Because the program comes in mp3 format, you can listen to it anytime you want, which I find very convenient. Rather than reading a lot of text, I like the fact that I can listen to it anytime I want.

Here’s what you can expect from the lessons in the book. The first lesson is an introduction covering key concepts, while lesson 2 tackles double blinds and presuppositions. Lesson 3 teaches you how to get what you want without saying no to your toddler, and lesson 4 goes into detail concerning yes/no compliance sets.

Lesson 5 meanwhile, is about consistency and lesson 6 is reciprocity, and lesson 7 is all about picking your battles. Lesson 8 is more advanced and covers reframing while the ninth is all about anchoring and state management. Lesson 10 will teach you the quotes and embedded comments technique while lesson 11 is about dealing with physical pain. The final lesson, lesson 12, covers threats and punishments.

While the lessons are comprehensive, most people report that it doesn’t take them  more than a couple of weeks to complete them. Each lesson takes less than 25 minutes to complete so if you study one a day you’ll be done in less than two weeks. There are twelve lessons and if you choose the audio version, 12 audio tracks. I prefer the audio version, but either one should be easy to figure out and put to use.

talking to toddlers improve communication

What Customers are Saying about Talking to Toddlers

Many people have had success with this product, and I’ve read several reviews online and testimonials pointing out the benefits of the product. Pinky McKay, who wrote Sleeping Like a Baby and Toddler Tactics, called the audio book “one of a kind” and says the examples make this guide very easy to follow.

Another reviewer, Shawn of Minneapolis, said Chris’ audio book was just unique and that he has integrated it into the rearing up of his child. The same sentiment was echoed by Tracy who said in her review that the guide is almost unbelievably effective in establishing communications with a toddler. Finally, I want to mention what Linda of Oregon said, and it’s that Chris showed her how easy it is to make toddlers follow parents without throwing fits.

A Few Reminders When Using the Product

Judging from the reviews and feedback available online, I can say without hesitation that this program does work and will make your relationship with your child more enjoyable. I hasten to add though, that this isn’t a quick fix because you still need to follow the instructions step by step.

toddlers talking What I’m saying is that for Chris’ program to work, you need to follow the guide and not take any shortcuts. But if you follow them all the way through, you’ll be able to establish a better relationship with your son or daughter. If you follow the advice given here, you’ll learn how to talk to a toddler the exact way I learned.

Purchasing Tips

You can get the program from the official website, and when you order the PDF edition you will be upgraded automatically to the mp3 version for just $37. Once you’ve completed the transaction, you’ll gain access to the program immediately. The program doesn’t just work on desktop computers but also mobile devices so you can carry the files with you anywhere.

Many people prefer the online version since it is very convenient, but if you would rather have CDs, you can order those as well from the official website. I want to add that there’s a written version of the lessons so if you prefer to read it’s no problem since it’s included with the order. And if for some reason your computer crashes and you lose your downloaded copies, you can go back to the official website, get a link and download it again, at no added cost. This is a very convenient feature as it means you don’t have to worry about creating a backup.

Should You Buy It?

People who have used the program report excellent results, and the importance of having a good relationship with your child where you are able to easily communicate with them in a caring yet strong way cannot be underestimated.

Chris provides very clear instructions and people are able to complete the lessons quickly. If you’re having trouble communicating with your toddler (who doesn’t?) I strongly recommend that you try this program. You won’t be disappointed.

talking to toddlers improve realtionship

Read This Before Buying Children Learning Reading


It’s possible to spend a lot of time and money looking for ways to teach your children how to read and improve their reading skills. And as a parent I know how difficult it can be to teach a small child how to read, and even enticing them to read is a challenge in itself. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The quandary that many parents find themselves in is they don’t have the time to research the correct books and learning structure with which to  teach their children, but they are wary of having to spend a large amount on a teaching course that may be unsuitable or difficult to follow.

That is why many people are turning to Children Learning Reading (hereafter refereed to as CLR), a learning program that seeks to effectively teach children  to read in small, digestable 15 minute lessons. Whilst many people are drawn to the course because of it’s good reputation and ease of use they are also like the fact that it comes with a money back guarantee so you lose nothing if the course doesn’t suit you and your child. Also, the course currently comes with guided coaching, meaning you can contact the course authors if you need any extra guidance with your child’s reading journey. Let me tell you all about the course in this review.

–> Get the Children Learning Reading program with 7 fantastic bonuses, guided coaching and a 60 day money back guarantee for $49.95

How the program works

The program is split into two parts which are both delivered in separate eBooks. Having purchased the course you are given instant access to each of the eBooks so you are able to use the program almost instantly after paying for it.

The program is based around a concept called phonemes, which are (in very simple terms), the sounds that make up words we use in our everyday language. The program seeks to teach your child to read by first building up your child’s ability to read and understand the phonemes that make up everyday words. Once your child can do this then they have all the tools they need  to start making sense of new words, which will in turn make their reading skills stronger and stronger.

The course is different from other courses out there because it does not rely on teaching words by sight, a method  that relies on children recognising and memorising words by their content and structure. You may have seen (or even purchased!) courses that promote whole word recognition learning, these courses often require you to sit your child in front of a television or computer monitor for a significant amount of time in order for them to learn words which will allow them to begin their reading journey.

children learning reading ebooks

The advantage that CLR has over a whole word recognition learning course is that it is able to teach it’s methods in short and enjoyable  incremental steps. This has a number of advantages, which include –

  • You and your child will be able to spend enjoyable time together as they learn to read. No forcing your child to sit through boring ‘monitor marathons’
  • As the lessons are so short they are easy to fit into your daily routine. The whole course consists of 50 lessons and the lessons are designed in a way that it won’t matter if you miss a few days between them. So your child can continue on the path to reading success even if ‘life gets in the way’
  • The lessons are designed in a way that will allow you and your child to see the progress they are making. So you will each get a thrill when progress is made.
  • Because the steps in the course are so simple it is possible for young children to grasp them. Indeed, many of the testimonials on the CLR website report that children as young as two and a half have significantly enhanced their reading skills by using the program

The first part of the course teaches your child phonemes so they have a really solid basis in the skills that will allow them to go on to be a prolific reader. The second part of the courses focuses on building on the skills learnt in part 1 to allow your child to take their reading skills to the next level.

Course Bonuses

It is fairly commonplace nowadays for online courses to come bundled with bonuses that claim to add value to your purchase of the main course materials. All too often these bonus materials are just filler that get added to flesh out a particular offer. In direct contrast to this, the bonuses that are given away with CLR really do add to the course. Here’s what you’ll get of you buy the course in addition to the main course materials

Stage 1 Lesson Stories

teaching a child to readAs your child’s reading skills progress as they work through the fundamentals based lessons in stage one of the course, you (and your child) may well be excited to test out your childs new found reading skills. The first bonus offered with the course will allow you to do exactly that, as it is a book of stories that are ideally suited to the level that your child will be at as they finish the first part of the course. Been able to read stories and involve themselves in a compelling narrative is one of the most rewarding aspects for a child as they learn to read. So this bonus is likely to really add to your child’s enjoyment of the course.

Stage 2 Lesson Stories

Much like the first bonus offered with course this ebook is packed full of stories that your child will be able to read after finishing the more advanced lessons contained in part two of the program .

Letter Sound MP3 Audio Clips

As the course is so heavily based around phonemes a series of mp3s are made available as bonus that allow you to hear the exact pronunciation of the sounds you will need to help teach to your child.

Whilst many parents maybe be able to get by without this bonus it is still a nice to have in case you need extra help during the course.

The Most Common Sight Words

Although the CLR course is based around your child learning the small sounds that make up each word there are some words in the English language that just can’t be learnt this way (rhythm for example). In order to aid you to teach your child these exceptional words an guide is provided to the most common words that need to be learnt by sight.

This bonus can be particularly  helpful if you and your child are  struggling with a particular word. You know that if the word is contained in the guide then it’s something that can’t be learnt using the cLR method.

Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes

In all honesty this probably the weakest of the bonuses offered with the course and the only bonus that has a feel of ‘filler’ about it. Whilst there are some good nursery rhymes contained within the ebook that your child will enjoy reading, it doesn’t provide the extra value provided by the stage 1 and stage 2 lesson story bonuses.

Free Lifetime Upgrades!

As the people that created the course are real life parents who have taught their own children to read they are constantly making minor improvements and alterations to the methods they use. This bonus guarantees that when any changes are made to the program you get them for free – all for the initial 49.95 that you’ll pay for the course.

Free One-on-One Counseling for 12 weeks

This is probably the best of the bonuses on offer. We’ve all taken distance courses or read books in the past and wanted to ask the author a question at a certain stage. Maybe you’ve become a bit demotivated or you’ve hit an obstacle that you’re not quite sure how to get round. Well with CLR if you do hit any snags during the course you can contact the course creators and they will reply to you personally. Unfortunately this bonus is only available for the 12 weeks immediately following your purchase of the course, but when you couple this with the 60 day money back guarantee you get with the course then it would be hard to imagine how you would not get your moneys worth if you purchased the program.

children learning reading text

What the Children Learning Reading System is All About

Before I go ahead and explain the system, it’s important that I give you a brief background about its creators, Jim and Elena. A couple with three kids, they tried different  programs in attempts to teach their children how to read. However, those methods didn’t work and this prompted them to go through extensive trial and error with their own kids. Over time, they devised a unique method that worked and this method is designed for children who are between 2.5 and 7 years old.

The reading system consists of booklets in PDF format complete with comprehensive reading plans, as well as audio recordings and a number of specially selected stories for your children to read. As many Children Learning Reading reviews have pointed out, the lessons provided here will teach your child letter names, sounds, and how words can be combined and blended.

The lessons also teach your child how to separate sounds and break words into phonemes, essential when your child is just learning to spell. More importantly, the reading system makes it easy for children to read quickly and properly, from simple words to sentences until they learn to read stories.

People who have used the system report very good results. The PDF booklets provide very clear instructions and the lesson plans are detailed without being overwhelming.  Another bonus is that each lesson takes only about 10-15 minutes to complete so you are able to teach your children even if you are pressed for time.

The program is also very comprehensive, and people have reported that their kids had no problems assimilating the lessons as the lessons are well-designed. Because the system is based on phonetics, the learning process is gradual. The other thing I want to stress here is that the lessons incorporated in the system are unique and can’t be found in other learning methods.

Many people who have used the system have remarked on how much easier the learning process seemed once they implemented the system. The difference is reported to be very significant and many have stated that it didn’t take their children long to learn how to read sentences and  even entire stories.

Read stories about how real people have used the Children Learning Reading program to teach their children to read in an enjoyable way and in a very short time.

What Customers are Saying about Children Learning Reading

Children Learning Reading has been purchased by a lot of parents and it’s gotten many rave reviews. Denise from San Francisco said in her review that following the instructions was easy and that her daughter enjoyed taking the lessons.

Another parent, Michael from Boston, said in his online review that initially he was skeptical of the whole thing. However once he tried it with his child, he was surprised how quickly his son was progressing in his reading.

These aren’t the only reviews I’ve come across reviews pointing out the benefits of this program, as I’ve read many others like it online. For instance, Jonathan from Bangor, Maine, Leila of Pittsburgh and James on Houston all say the same thing in their reviews—the program helped their children read much more quickly than they thought possible.

Things to Consider Before Using the Product

Based on the thoughts of the reviewers above, the program does a great job explaining to parents how to teach a child to read. However, I’d like to point out that this program isn’t a quick fix as you’ll still need to put in the time to teach your child how to do it.

However, the nice thing about this program is that it makes it easy for both child and parent to go through the learning process.

Purchasing Advice and Tips

The program is available online for just $49.95, and it is covered by a 60 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the program for any reason, you can return it within that period and get a full refund with no questions asked. Aside from the main program you’ll also get several bonus program and modules for free.

The first of these free programs is the Stage 1 Lesson Stories which makes learning more fun for children. Stage 2 is a continuation of Stage 1 and comes with several colorful illustrations to further engage your child. The third bonus consists of Letter Sound Mp3 Audio Clips so your child knows how to pronounce the alphabet properly.

The fourth bonus is The Most Common Sight Words, while bonus 5 is the Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes. The 6th bonus is a lifetime free upgrade, and the last one is free one on one counseling for 12 weeks. These 7 bonus programs retail for a couple of hundred dollars, but they’re given away here free. These add-ons, I’d like to add, do increase the value of the program and not just fillers.

And because all the programs are web based, you don’t have to pay for shipping as you would with other products. After making the payment, you get instant access to the official website and all the content.

Should You Buy It?

This product contains effective lessons and reading games for kids to make the learning process much easier not just for your child but also for you. The instructions are easy to follow, and the topics are logical and communicate the material well. If this method worked for so many parents and kids, then there is no doubt about it, it will work for your kids too!