Customized Fat Loss for Men Review – The Best Way to Lose Body Fat?

Customized Fat Loss for Men by Kyle Leon is one of the most talked about weight loss programs today, and you’ve probably read some reviews about it already and want to know if it works. Like other fat burning programs, this one makes a lot of promises, and after researching the product, I can safely say that this system can help you, and here’s why. 

fat loss for men 47 dollars

So What’s This Product about?

lose extra inches from your waistlineThis program was developed so that it goes after what Kyle calls your body’s “trouble zones” where extra body fat is stored. Using the Kyle’s system, you’ll learn what your body type is and how to boost your metabolism. Once you’ve retrieved this information, the program will use this to create a customized workout / diet specific to your body type.

The efficiency of this program can be seen from the number of positive reviews it has received. Albert wrote a detailed review on his blog, saying that this is the best program that Kyle has produced so far, which is no mean feat. Positive feedback has also been provided by Alex of San Diego, Julius of Los Angeles and Andre of Philadelphia, all of whom say it’s an effective custom fat loss program and without side effects either.

The customization offered by this program is very detailed, as it takes your height, body type, weight and metabolism into account, all of which are used to plan not just your workout but diet as well. It’s a comprehensive program yes, but that’s to be expected as Kyle made his name in the fitness industry with his meticulous workout programs.

The program comes with a quick start PDF guide that explains how to use the bundled software to determine your body type. There’s also a short guide that explains the various body types and how you can figure out which one you belong to, and this should be read with the Somatotyping Guide, which goes into more detail concerning the six different body types.

Apart from the main nutrition program, you need to read the How to Lose Your First 10 Pounds Guide, which is designed to help your body adjust to your new diet. It’s a helpful and thoughtful add-on, because suddenly going on a new diet is always difficult. With this guide, it’s going to be a lot easier because your body will receive enough time to get used to the new foods.

This fat burning program has separate guides for men and women, and this alone tells you how well-thought the system is. With other fat loss solutions, you usually get a single one-size-fits-all approach, which is indicative of laziness. Men and women have different physiologies, so how can a single program work for both?

Kyle knows this, so he developed two systems for men and women, which is how it should be. However, you get both in this package but for the price of one. In addition, the system includes a comprehensive guide to supplements, very handy since there are a ton of supplements being sold, not all of which are actually good.

fat loss for men bonus guides money back

What Else is in the Program?

Aside from the main fat loss program, there are three bonus guides included, a personal Transformation Tracker, Customized Fat Loss Training and Peak in a Week.

  • Transformation Tracker: this ensures you’re on the right track and you’re getting the best possible customize nutrition possible.
  • Fat Loss Training: this is the 12 week exercise program that will accompany your fat burning regimen. The workouts were specifically designed by Kyle so you don’t have to deal with monotony and boredom, two common problems with regular exercise programs.

This program also explains what exercises you need to avoid because they actually increase cortisol and affect testosterone production. In addition, Kyle lays out in detail the exact exercises, repetitions, sets and rest periods so you’ll burn fat quickly.

  • Peak in a Week: this is a special program that’s going to have you 20 lbs. leaner within a week, great if you need to quickly get in shape for that school reunion or if you’re going on an extended beach vacation.
  • This nutrition and fitness program also comes with several tips and guides to ensure you stay in shape even when eating out, something that’s very difficult to do. And there’s something here called 11 Foods to Never Eat which is self-explanatory, and the exercise video demonstrations are very clear.

Who’s This Product for?

If you’re serious about getting in shape and willing to work out and change your diet, then this is for you. It’s also for you if you’re tired of going on crash diets just to lose weight, only to gain the pounds again a few weeks later. In short, this is for anyone who’s bent on getting in shape.

look forward to getting weighed againBut, this isn’t for anyone who’s in need of a quick solution to burning fat. Let me tell you right now that there’s no instant remedy for being fat and overweight, and Kyle doesn’t claim this program can do that. But if you follow through, there’s every reason to believe that it will work as it’s completely science-based.

Where Can I Buy Customized Fat Loss for Men?

This program is available for download at the official website for $47. Besides the main ebook you also receive the bonus guides I mentioned above, and there’s a 60 day money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied with the results within that period, you get your money back.

The $47 price tag is only temporary however, and it could revert back to $97 soon, so if you’re interested you should order now.

So Why Should I Buy This Program?

I recommend Customized Fat Loss for Men for a couple of reasons, the first being that the author, Kyle Leon, has established a solid reputation in the health and fitness industry. Second, his workout program, while unique, is based on facts, not pseudoscience. If you’ve tried all sorts of fat loss programs and they haven’t worked, then it’s time to try this.

fat loss for men 47 dollars


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