The Dura Wallet – Why It’s So Remarkable

The Dura Wallet Review – Why It’s So Remarkable

The Dura Wallet is the thinnest, most durable, and easy to carry wallet available. It’s also spacious and has a timeless design that goes well with any clothes you wear, whether casual or formal. If you’re tired of fat wallets that don’t fit in your pockets and feel unpleasantly heavy, that are hard to handle and look ugly once they’re full, and that, moreover, can be easily stolen, then this wallet is an affordable solution to your problem – 4 times thinner, 60% smaller, and 5 times lighter than the average wallet.

Why You Probably Hate Your Current Wallet

Having a ‘fat’ wallet full of cash might sound great, but think about the practicalities of carrying that monster with you everywhere. It doesn’t fit in all your pockets, not easily at least, and in the ones that it does, it requires quite a bit of pushing and tugging before it goes in or comes out. It feels heavy and bulky all the time, whether you keep it in your back pocket or in your coat, and wearing it with light clothes in hot weather is just awful, like keeping a rock in your pocket.

When it’s full of credit cards and banknotes, it’s so inconvenient that you can’t help but fumble with it before you can get what you need. The people waiting behind you in the line don’t like it. Nor does the cashier on the other side of the counter – while you’re fumbling with your wallet, she’s probably silently sniggering at you.

Finally, no matter how careful you are with your fat wallet, over time it will tear, unless of course, forgotten in your business pants, it goes through an accidental tumble in the washing machine, and comes to an untimely end.

Considering all these factors, is it really worth investing in an expensive designer wallet made from the hide of some poor tortured animal?

Thin Wallets for Men – Why You Need to Use One to Carry Your Cash

Enter Dura Wallet, the thinnest wallet in the world. About 60% smaller than the average wallet and 4 times thinner, the Dura  is not only easy to carry in any pocket, but also a pleasure to use. But its reduced size and outstanding thinness don’t come at the price of space.

Its two inside pockets can hold 20 or more bills, while two additional credit card pockets expand to hold 16 or more cards. What’s really awesome about this wallet is that it’s made from the thin yet expanding Tyvek material – the same used in industrial packing and shipping – which expands to accommodate extra bills and credit cards. So the wallet isn’t only much slimmer than your current wallet, but it can probably also hold more banknotes, credit cards, receipts, and business cards.

That’s not all. The wallet has no stitches and seams and is super resistant – tug at it as much as you will, it won’t tear. And since it’s also waterproof, you will never have to worry about it taking an accidental bath in the pool or a tumble in the washing machine.

The cherry on the cake is that the DuraWallet is made entirely from eco-friendly materials. It contains no leather or other similar materials, so it’s probably much ‘greener’ than your current wallet.

The Dura Wallet – Safest Wallet Out There

Because of its thinness and reduced size, the DuraWallet is much easier to handle than conventional wallets, which means you’re probably less likely to drop or misplace it. Not to mention that it doesn’t attract nearly as much attention as the average fat wallet. Pickpockets can actually mistake it for an ID cover, or simply reach the wrong conclusion that you carry little money on you, certainly not enough to make a theft worthwhile.

Another awesome security advantage of the wallet is that it blocks RFID signals, preventing electronic pickpockets from accessing your credit card info. More and more thieves use RFID in public places like squares, boulevards, or parks to steal private info, which they then try to use to hack your bank account. If you live in a major city, you’re at risk.

The ‘As Seen On TV’ Thin Wallet

The DuraWallet was showcased on TV by Marc Gill, who called it ‘the thinness wallet in the world’ and ‘five times thinner than average wallets’. Marc Gill demonstrated the amazing strength of the wallet by having it tied with two chains, one of which was fasted to a wall and the other to a racing car – the wallet was strong enough to withstand the pulling force of the car, holding the vehicle in place. If Marc Gill loves this wallet, chances are you’ll love it too.

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