Everything You Need to Know About 1000 Questions for Couples

It can be hard to admit and accept that your relationship is on the rocks. But you’re not alone. You don’t need any statistics to show you that divorce rates are skyrocketing not just in the US but all over the world. It’s not something you want to happen, but anyone who has been through a rocky patch in their relationship will know how painful it can be.

But you know what, there’s still hope. There are literally hundreds of things you can do to mend your relationship but we’ve recently heard very good things about an ebook that isn’t available in stores but can be purchased directly on-line. This guide, created by Michael Webb, and based on the gentle and surprisingly addictive practice of you and your partner asking each other questions might just be what you need to start connecting with your partner again.

The book claims there are a number of questions that partners can ask each other that will predict the future of their relationship. Find out what they are….

1000 Questions for Couples PDF Overview

Before going into detail about the ebook I’d like to give you a little bit of information about the author and why he gives the ebook a lot of credibility. Michael Webb is a bestselling author who has been giving couples advice to help make relationships work. He’s been doing this successfully for the past 17 years and has written several best sellers about the subject including The Romantic’s Guide. He’s been featured on Oprah and many other TV shows and magazines, a testament to his popularity.

In short, Webb has extensive experience when it comes to helping couples, and his latest ebook is an indication of this. It’s a practical book and it’s all about getting to know your partner better. The questions in the book are divided into several categories like sex, feelings and emotions, as well as hobbies, money, career, even pets, cars, morals, and spiritual matters.

1000 question for couples bookSome of the questions might seem trivial, but based on the experiences of many who have tried the technique, they’re essential. What this book is doing for it’s readers is helping to show just how little they actually know of their significant others, and the purpose of the book is to help you and your partner know each other better. Webb said that a lot of divorce cases and relationship breakups could have been avoided if only they knew what questions to ask each other, and that’s what this book does.

The ebook has a nice mixture of serious questions as well as some fun ones as well. While the objective is to learn more about your partner before making a decision concerning your relationship, it doesn’t overwhelm and is easy to read.

The ebook has a simple structure, and if you have never read one like it, you might wonder how it can possibly be of any help. But having a look at some of the questions contained in the  book myself, I have to say that  the questions might be exactly what a relationship needs. I can attest that some of these questions aren’t the type that I’d consider asking my partner, but I was left wondering if it wouldn’t be beneficial if I did.

The ebook is very comprehensive and doesn’t just cover your relationship but also family, career and many other areas of life. While there are a lot of different questions outlined here, the emphasis is on exploring your and your partner’s personality. In other words, it’s all about rediscovering each other.

What Others are Saying About the ebook

The ebook has generated a lot of buzz on the Internet, and reviews from those who purchased it have been positive. Allan of Arkansas said in his review that the book with his girlfriend gave them the opportunity to discuss sensitive matters like religion.  Monica of Santa Fe also said that the ebook helped her and her husband rekindle their relationship.

They’re not the only ones, as another reviewer spoke of Webb’s ebook as the essential guide for couples looking for ways to restore harmony in the relationship, and Debbie of Brooklyn wrote in her review that the ebook was the most effective marriage counselor she and her husband have had. Finally, I want to mention the review of Ed from Miami who said that the ebook literally saved his marriage and kept him and his wife from divorcing.

Things to Remember When Reading the Ebook  

While Webb’s ebook does work, it’s not exactly a magic potion that will solve all your relationship and marital problems. Also, you need to read the book and answer the questions with your partner for it to work. I also want to add that you need to take the answers to heart. In other words, the ebook provides the questions you need to ask each other, but it’s up to you to make the most of the answers.

Webb doesn’t make extravagant clams about the ebook, but he does guarantee that by the end of it you and your partner will know each other better. And knowing, rediscovering or learning new things about each other, which is the key to reviving a relationship. What I’m saying is that Webb has provided you with the tools to make your relationship work.

Buying Tips

You can’t get 1000 Questions for Couples free, but what they’re offering on the official website is almost as good. Its original value is $67 but it’s currently available for just $27. In addition, you could sign up so that 3 to 5 of the ebook’s questions will be emailed to you daily for the next 300 days. It’s a nice option if you’d prefer to correspond with your partner via email.

The ebook, which isn’t available in stores, can be purchased using major credit cards and PayPal. Once you’ve paid you get instant access to the ebook anytime, anywhere. Aside from the ebook you’ll also receive the ebook 101 Romantic Ideas, free, plus you also get The Newlyweds Guide to a Happy Marriage. This offer includes a money back guarantee so if you’re not happy with it you get your money back, no questions asked.

Should You Buy It?

I had become a bit sceptical about books that claim to save your marriage, as thousands of them are brought every year, but sadly, many marriages still end in divorce. But 1000 Questions book comes at the problem from a new and refreshing angle, and Webb’s series of thought provoking questions might just give you and your partner a new perspective on your relationship. If you want to save your marriage, or just to feel like you’re really connecting with your partner again then you really should give the book a try.

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