The High Performance Handbook Review

Everyone’s different. That’s the first thing you need to remember when you want to lose weight or build muscles. It’s also the very reason why a particular diet or workout that worked for a friend of yours didn’t work for you. That’s why professional athletes hire personal trainers, because the good ones can tailor a customized regimen for diet and exercise instead of just giving generic advice. And that’s also why The High Performance Handbook may be your best choice for your workout today at a discount price

What Is This Handbook All About?

This Handbook is the brainchild of Eric Cressey, who heads the Cressey Performance training facility. He’s been a prolific author of more than 500 health and fitness articles and is one of the most trusted advisors of the renowned Men’s Health publication. He’s also a competitive weightlifter, and he also has the academic credentials to back up his program. He has a BS in Exercise Science and also a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science. That Master’s Degree is from the University of Connecticut, which has the #1 ranking among kinesiology graduate programs in the US.

The Handbook is a detailed guide that offers a completely personalized workout program for you and you alone. It’s unique in the industry, because usually these sorts of programs are extremely expensive. In addition, not everyone is qualified to create them.

Crossfit dip ring group workout dipping in a rowWith The High Performance Handbook, what you get includes an entire system in which all the exercises are in video form so that you know how to do them properly. You’re also taught how to modify these exercises to fit your particular situation and health goal. So you can use them if you want to lose weight, build specific muscles, or excel in some sport. It’s also based on your own scheduling needs and your particular range of movements. You’re not forced to do any sort of exercise (such as a pushup or a chin-up) which you can’t actually perform.

It’s a step-by-step guide that which offers guidance to all the facets of an effective workout program. It starts with some self-assessment exercises towards your journey, and you pick the route as you go along. You set your goals and then you’re taught how to modify the facets of the workout to support your goal. Then you choose a training schedule that conveniently fits your regular everyday life, ranging from twice a week to 4 times a week.

You can then consult the exercise video library, which is complete with coaching instructions for each exercise. You can then start more easily, and then you can meet your goals in 4 months. As you evolve and modify your goals, you can then customize your workouts as you continue.

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The Handbook includes training templates, and like other computer templates you can modify them handily. You’ve got a modification guide when you don’t have the necessary equipment for certain exercises. There’s also a supplemental conditioning guide with programs you can choose from based on your goals, resources, and time available.

There’s even a section on special circumstances, such as if you’re really determined to build muscles, if you want to powerlift in your forties, or if you’re a baseball pitcher or some other type of athlete.

a toned stomachAs an additional option, you can also choose to get the nutrition guide so that you’re entire health regimen info package is complete. So not only do you have a workout regimen you can trust, you also have a nutrition guide that works specifically with the handbook. You won’t have to suffer the frustration of picking a diet from the thousands of possible options online.

The Nutrition Guide is also very comprehensive, with sample menus and about 50 recipes, along with a detailed guide on making your own smoothies. You also get the lowdown on the importance of proteins, carbs, and fats, plus tips about sweeteners and dairy. And then you’re also taught how to improve the quality of your sleep, manage your stress, and deal with all the chemicals in the environment.

Does It Work?

The Handbook may offer a customized workout program that precisely fits your specific circumstances, but the options here are so varied that numerous types of people have used and benefitted from the program.

Among its fans include Adam Campbell who is the Fitness Director at Men’s Health and Sean Hyson who’s the Fitness Director at Men’s Fitness Magazine.

A lot of people have attested to its effectiveness. Those aiming for greater strength have admitted to considerable improvement to the amount they can lift afterwards, and they also boast of having no pain and better mobility.

Others have also improved their abilities in various sports, including track and field, tennis, and golf. Even physical therapists who are by nature skeptical of online workout programs have admitted to its effectiveness because it is not a generic workout program at all. They also note Cressey’s attention to detail and how every facet is discussed.

Just remember, it will take about 4 months to achieve your fitness goal, so you better have the desire and the determination. It’s not tailored for someone who just wants to take a pill to lose weight or build muscles overnight.

Where Can You Buy This Handbook?

To be certain that you’re getting the real deal, you really need to just go over the official website. It’s much better than flying to Boston to the training facility and getting a customized workout program, as it will cost you at least $1,000. By ordering online, you only spend $119.99 for the Handbook. It’s also just $149.99 when you also add in the Nutrition Guide.

There are already some savings here for you, as The High Performance Handbook discount is at least $850 compared to what you get in person at Cressey Performance. Also, the price is now down from $149.99 for just the Handbook and from $199.99 for both the Handbook and the Nutrition Guide. Finally, there’s also a 60-day money-back guarantee.

There’s no delivery involved because you just need to download The High Performance Handbook PDF file.  You also get some other bonuses even if you don’t get the nutritional guide. These include additional sections on makeshift training equipment, tension-building methods for maximum performance, text and video tutorials on simplifying exercise movements, and a detailed guide on single-leg exercises.

Should You Buy This Handbook?

If you’ve had enough of online tips and programs that didn’t work for you, or if you can’t afford your personal trainer anymore, then this is the option you need to take. It’s like having your own personal trainer in a multimedia handbook, for a very affordable fee. It will work for you whoever you are, because it offers a customized workout plan that fits your particular circumstances and needs.

buy today with a money back guarantee

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