Orthotics for Flat Feet: What They Are and How They Could Help You

Orthotics for Flat Feet - What They Are and How They Could Help You

As any mechanic can tell you, driving a car without shocks is a bad idea. With every bump you hit, stress is placed on the rest of the car, and although you may not notice immediately, over time the car will show signs of damage; this can make it more and more likely that you’ll be facing costly repairs or risk a serious accident. The arches in your feet are a lot like the shocks on the car, and those with flat feet are essentially walking around without any way to absorb the shock from a single step.

It is estimated that with every step you take, your foot receives a shock equivalent to about 3-5x your total body weight. If you have flat feet, this shock can be absorbed in your knees and back and can cause pain and perhaps permanent damage over time. Using orthotics–which are foot paddings that slip right into any shoes–can help to compensate for this lack of arch by hugging your foot and providing it with the proper stabilization and shock absorption that your feet previously lacked.

Why flat Foot Insoles Could Be Just What You Need for Your Flat Feet

There are many causes of flat feet injury, illness, wearing flat shoes (such as sandals) too often, or even general aging. Flat feet can make it particularly difficult if you are employed in professions that require a large amount of time on your feet. The aches and pains that you may experience can be debilitating and make getting through a long day less than enjoyable.

The field of orthotic inserts has made incredible strides in the past 40 years to improve the quality of insoles while reducing costs for those suffering from flat fleet. You no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars on custom molds to find the relief you are looking for. Instead there are a number of options available from silicone molds to new and improved carbon designs. In fact, there is a style of orthotic for just about everywhere you go.

Orthotic Slippers

If you are looking for a solution for around the house wear; orthotic slippers are both a comfortable and shock absorbent option that will improve your foot health and reduce pressure on joints. These slippers can be found online or at many shoe department stores and offer built-in arch support, internal paddings, and a loose fit on your foot to avoid restricting blood flow. These slippers can help make it possible for you to go about your everyday household chores, especially if you have flat tile or wood floors in your house that can exasperate problems for those with flat feet.

Shoe Inserts

For everyday use and wear with your work or running shoes, shoe inserts can be purchased that slide right into your footwear and replace the flat padding that already sits inside the shoe. These inserts are made for all different styles and types of shoes. If you are looking for something that can go into hiking boots, you can find thick orthotic inserts that rest nicely inside boots and outdoor shoes without forcing the top of your foot up onto the roof of the shoe. On the other hand, if you are looking to use orthotic inserts with high heels or dress shoes, there are small and more sleek designs that can tuck away discretely, but still provide many of the same benefits previously discussed.

A few of the best orthotic inserts available on the market are from popular brands such as Dr. Scholl’s, Spenco, and Superfeet. All of these brands offer a wide selection of products that can fit the shape of your foot. Many also use antimicrobial materials inside their product to help and reduce odors that accumulate in your shoes from bacteria over time. Using some of these popular products can give your foot the support that it naturally needs and reduce the wear and tear on your body during your everyday routines.

The causes flat feet aren’t always preventable, but just because you have flat feet doesn’t mean that you have to suffer as a result. Using orthotics helps to supplement the essential shocks that your feet need to undergo and helps to distribute your body weight equally among the different sections in your foot. Continuing to walk around with unprotected feet and denying your feet the support they need to perform their job effectively can result in joint pain and costly medical and physical therapy costs later in life.

Orthotics come in all different types from orthotic slippers, inserts for boots, and even those for heels and dress shoes. Now you don’t have to be limited to where you go or how long you can comfortably stay on your feet to pursue what you love.

Treat your flat feet and more

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